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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

Proofreading, Editing, Critique

Getting help with your book from a professional editor is always recommended but often just too expensive. We have partnered with a professional editor with 30 years of experience to provide quality writing services at affordable prices.

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

Hundreds of Helpful Articles

We have created hundreds of articles on topics all authors face in today’s literary landscape. Get help and advice on Writing, Marketing, Publishing, Social Networking, and more. Each article has a Comments section so you can read advice from other authors and leave your own.

How to Market a Book

Tyler Wagner is an avid disc golf player and the founder of Authors Unite where he helps authors market their book. In addition to helping authors with free articles and advice, he also graciously donates $17,000 worth of his company's services as prizes each year for our annual book award contest.

Marketing Before Writing

Below you are going to read an article that will show you some of the strategies that we’ve used to sell thousands of copies of our client’s books. These campaigns have resulted in our client’s becoming Wall Street Journal Bestselling Authors and USA Today Bestselling Authors.

This is something that I see nearly every author gets wrong. 99% of authors write their book and then when it’s finished, they scramble to figure out the marketing. Please don’t do this. You need to be thinking about marketing before you begin writing. One of the best ways to market before and during the writing process is to set up a community. Facebook groups work great. Invite your network and target readers into this community to start and advertise the community during the writing of the book.

What will you do in this community?

1. Document the process.

2. Share the ups and downs of the writing process.

3. Share tips and tricks related to the content of the book.

4. Ask for feedback from the community on parts of your book.

6. Ask for feedback on your title and subtitle.

7. Ask for feedback on your cover.

What will happen?

1. The community will get value from your knowledge.

2. The community will get value from seeing behind the scenes of the writing, publishing, and book marketing processes.

3. The community will become invested in your book.


Why will they become invested in your book?

They will become invested because they were with you throughout the entire process and provided feedback.

In reality, they are a part of your book.

So, when it comes to the book launch…do you think they’ll be willing to purchase a copy?

When you’re invested in something, you want to see it succeed. By documenting the entire process to your community and getting feedback along the way, you will create investment from your community.


Stand The Test Of Time

Before I dive into the rest of this article, this must be mentioned. No matter how good your marketing is…the most important thing is the content of your book. If you want your book to stand the test of time, the content must be remarkable. Stories are the most important. We’ve found that sprinkling massive value within stories is the secret sauce.

And, don’t even think about publishing your book without hiring an editor.

Now, back to the marketing…


Book Cover

The packaging is important. People judge books by their cover. That’s the way it is. Do not harp on this. Use it to your advantage. Your book cover is used in most of your marketing material and is the first thing people see right before they make the decision to purchase your book or not purchase it. It can be the deciding factor right from the start. People judge your cover before they even have a chance to judge your content. If you’re proud of your book’s content and you should be, then it deserves a quality cover.

Package your book so it looks and feels good on the outside and the inside.

Make it an experience.


Sales Copy

Your title, subtitle, book description, and all marketing materials should create curiosity and build desire.

You know your book has the goods. Now, we need people to be curious about those goods and desire to have them. This is what we’ve seen work best:

1. Title - Creates curiosity.

2. Subtitle - Tells the reader a little more about what they’re going to get from reading the book and builds desire.

3. Book Description - Provides in more detail what the reader is going to get and what the potential is for them once they have this knowledge and apply it in their own life.

4 Marketing Materials - Use all 3 of the above items to create incredible marketing materials that get your target audience to the book’s sales page. 



Find partners that already have your target readers as an audience. Make it beneficial for them to share with their audience.

How do you do this?

1. Include your partner’s in the book (In the front of your book, have a “Thank you for your support” page that includes all your partner’s logos and websites).

2. Create a product or service that you offer that is based on your book and provide your partners an affiliate commission for anyone that buys your product or service from their audience (there is some technical set up for this, but it’s definitely worth it).


Concentrated Impact

Your book launch should be a weeklong event. Have all the people from your community and your partners purchase and share during the same week.

Make it easy for your community and partners to share.

How do you this?

1. Pre-made social media images.

2. Pre-made social media copy.

3. Pre-made email copy for email campaigns.

Do not make it difficult for your community or partners to promote. Make it as easy as humanly possible for them to spread the word.


Spread The Word

After your book launch, spread the word of your success. You may have even become a bestselling author.

Now is not the time to relax. Now is the time to put your foot on the pedal. You need to get on as many targeted podcasts as possible to share the value from your book and the success from its launch.

Continue to pitch yourself to podcasts or hire a company to assist you with this to keep your book top of mind for your target audience.


To your success,

Tyler Wagner


P.S. Keep spreading the word.



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