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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Think of two choices that you have made that changed the path of your life. The choice you made at that particular time altered your life, whether it be for the good or not. Did you go to a certain restaurant or club and meet your partner, did you meet someone and decide on a particular career path? Decisions = Destiny. If you want a different life, you have to make different choices. Things change the moment we make a decision and take action. To focus on the good things, you have to make a conscious choice to do so. What you focus on you will feel. You focus on the bad, the depressing, that is what you will feel. Simple as that. Destiny is determined by what you do; if you're in the wrong state when you make decisions, you will make the wrong decision.

Is 2019 the year that you will achieve your goal of completing your novel? Or is there another writing goal you want to accomplish? Do not blame yourself or look back on your life with bitterness. Simply ask yourself what actions I have done to get me where I am today. If I remained taking the same actions for the next 5 years would I be more fulfilled or would I be deeper into the state of hopelessness? If I had the same mindset for the next 5 years, would I be more successful and would I have what I truly want in life?

Goals Exercise

State in specific terms what outcome in your life you desire.

Make a Master list of goals you would like to achieve, then ask yourself this question: ‘If there was one thing on this list I had to do today what would it be?; Put that goal at the top of your list, then ask the same question with the remaining objectives and put that goal second and so on. E.g. places to visit, people you would like to meet, experiences you want to have.

When you tick something off your list, celebrate as this will motivate you to make more goals.

Make goals real using your imagination. The imagination of a child is endless but we lose that as we enter teenage years because of peer/family pressure and the limitations we put on ourselves. So imagine big as if there were no limits to the possibilities.

Then believe with all your heart that the goals you have just imagined are possible.

Get a real appetite for learning, become a searcher of knowledge, read books on the people you admire.

Take Action With Conviction

In specific terms, I mean to use all of your senses. What does it look like? Imagine where you are living, what car are you driving, what are you wearing. How does it feel? What can you smell? Garden/beach? What can you hear? What are people saying to you? What have you achieved? Have you achieved so much that others are now aspiring to be like you?

Your goal must be dependent on you and not the actions of others. You cannot rely on others to change to make you happy.

I want you to dream big. Dream as if you can achieve anything and failure is not an option.

Give each goal a realistic timescale to achieve.

Write down why you absolutely will achieve these goals and why these goals are so important to you that this will ensure when things get tough you will still succeed.

List important resources you already have: friends, finances, experiences, education.

List three times you were successful. Again using all of your senses. How did it feel, what did you do and what was the outcome?

What resources will you need to get educated, contacts, discipline, time?

What could make you fail: would it be negative self-talk, fear, lack of discipline?

List 4 people you admire and what traits they have that you would need to model.

 Follow these actions and you will reach every target you set your mind to. Above all, keep focused. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Lesley Jones