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Insight Into Writing Romance

Romance as a genre frequently has a poor reputation. People love to hate it, and despite the hate, it flourishes. It resonates with our hearts and makes them sing. But, writing romance filled with swoon-worthy scenes can be tough. So, here are seven tips that writers can use to make your romance story touching.  

Find your subgenre:

There are multitudes of genres across the romance world like historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, young adult, etc.  Choosing the sub-genre that you need to write is very important. Writing in the area of interest will help create a passionate story. Hence, find the sub-genre you're most interested in. Is it paranormal, historical, or contemporary? 

Read! Read! and Read!

After finding the area of interest, you need to read a lot because reading will help you gain more knowledge and expertise. It will give you an idea about the hot topics in the romance genre. And in addition to that, it will improve your writing a lot, and it might give you new ideas to write your story.

Don't forget the tropes:

Tropes are the best way to attract and engage a reader. Plenty of tropes exist, such as enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, brother's best friend, and much more. Pick the one which suits you the most and incorporate it into your story. Moreover, one should never use too much of them in a story as it might become tedious.

The main character:

The main characters in a romance are often portrayed as 'goody two shoes' time and again. They can do no wrong and are pure at heart, loving, forgiving, and also unrealistic. Nothing deters readers faster than a Mary Sue. So, while creating the main character, add flaws to them. Make them human and relatable. Create problems and make them struggle. It will make the story intriguing and the characters compelling. 

The love interest:

Forming love interests is tricky. In hopes of making them mysterious, many times writers make them stalkerish. They don't add any quirks, hobbies, or distinctive personalities. And this can turn readers away. Giving them a personality and human traits will help readers connect with the characters. The reader's and character's bond is essential in a reading experience. 

The chemistry:

Writing chemistry is the crucial thing in a romance. It can make or break a story. And is more than the physical attraction between the characters. The characters' personalities should complement each other. A writer needs to make them compatible to create that spark between characters. If one is a dreamer, another can be a realist. A writer can give them roadblocks and show how well they work together as a team. The characters should challenge each other and grow together. That is a relationship dynamic readers love to devour.

Intimate scenes:

Writing intimate scenes can quickly turn into a disaster. To write a successful intimate scene, a writer needs a build-up to that scene. Writers can delay the kisses, tease with slight touches, and create potent sexual tension. While writing intimate scenes, limit the words and the descriptions. Let the readers fill in some gaps. In the case of intimate scenes, less is more. 

Writing a romance is tricky. But, with the right strategy, you can write a swoon-worthy and heart-touching romance. Just give the characters individual personalities and work on chemistry.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Manik Chaturmutha