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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Introversion and Marketing

Somewhere out there, a shy, reclusive would-be author is “in the zone,” typing away words that will assemble a potential masterpiece and he considers taking the self-publishing route. Then it hits him: marketing is not his strong suit. No introverted writer ever shouted, “Buy my book!” to total strangers. But it’s a reality that all writers, introverted or extroverted, must embrace. In a world where everyone has a story to tell and self-publishing becomes as easy as boiling an egg, writers must learn how to market. 

This article is no Myers-Briggs typology where all introverts are classified into specific types. Not all introverts hate marketing, and writers often have an interest in the subject, given that they are selling their own work and not for other products or companies. But for introverts who get goosebumps at the thought of marketing, there is a way to get around self-promotion.

Building a website portfolio is one of the most viable ways that writers can get their work out there. Of course, you already know this. The question is, what makes an effective website portfolio? Writers use their name with a “writer” title under it. Others use puns or play with words that have something to do with writing. They keep it simple and provide links to their published works and where they are sold. You can give your landing page a clever name. Whatever tickles your fancy, but don’t forget to make it speak directly to your visitors. 

Show them what you have to offer. Taking a look at your website must tell the audience all they need to know about your book and why they should invest time in reading it. Consider tabs that include info about you, your books, your social media accounts, and other resources. Present yourself as a credible author. Your marketing must be about doing what you do best. If you wish to start, most website providers offer support if you have technical questions so you don’t have to do it alone.

However, it doesn’t stop there, fellow introvert. Building a website for self-marketing entails lots of work. It also entails investment in getting the services of a website provider. It doesn’t end at posting about you and your books. Self-publishing may have become easier, but the trade-off is that more authors are vying for readers’ attention. Your book will never sell itself. The good thing is, the Internet and social media have given entrepreneurs access to potential customers out there, and that goes for authors seeking readers. But building an audience can be dispiriting. Marketing gurus point out that successful authors need to have hundreds of thousands of followers and an email list. Moreover, some introverts lament that it feels like they are compromising their privacy.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Not all marketing information online is reliable. Some is written merely to garner attention and win followers for those who wrote it. Build a website and focus on what you love doing: your writing. Build your marketing around your craft. Don’t create unnecessary pressure brought about by all the writing-marketing hype perpetrated by those who are advising it for their schemes. Be genuine. Know your market and what your readers/audience want. The money may or may not follow, but as a working author, it is always better to have a good website because you will need it--for your marketing and your credibility.


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Vincent Dublado