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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Social Circles

The social aspect of being an author is a much wider scope than simply posting information and advertisements about your work on social media. Sharing advertisements is important but there are other things a writer can do that will help an author become a better writer and possibly boost a few sales along the way. What I’m referring to is actually socializing with other writers.

Discussing work with other writers may not seem like it would be all that important but it is. A group of writers can bounce ideas back and forth about their work to give and receive some constructive criticism. There is also a lot of support to be found within a circle of writers, which is also important to keep us motivated. What better way is there to hone your writing skills than by giving and taking the advice of like-minded peers?

Believe it or not, some writers do not have the support of a spouse, friends or family. Some people actually think writing is a waste of valuable time and that authors have no real goals or ambitions. We know this is not true but the lack of support can easily curb an author's love of writing and put an end to their dreams of publishing.

Having a social circle or group can help an author more than you might imagine, whether an author is looking for peers to discuss writing topics with or simply the support we need to keep working. Isn’t it also our job as writers to encourage one another to perfect our skills and continue writing? How better to do that than look for groups in our local libraries or even on the internet where we can lend a helping hand or ask for advice?

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of groups available for authors throughout several locations. Your local library is actually the very first place you should start, then you can utilize the internet by searching across social media websites. There are countless writing groups, author groups, promotional groups and author pages on Facebook alone. There are just as many authors on Twitter that have no problem discussing work with their fellow writers. Linkedin also has several authors, publishers, and editors that are happy to share insight and advice.

Socializing with other writers is just as important to the writing process as anything else, maybe even more important. Think about it, how can a writer produce a book that readers will enjoy if they don’t have anyone in their corner letting them know that their work does matter? The point here is simple; authors should find other authors and converse with them even if it's only about what they’re working on at the time.

The next time you find yourself on the internet posting advertisements about your upcoming book, you should think about checking out some of the groups and pages. You never know when you might get stuck on a project and need a little advice or when another writer might need the input of an author like you. Of course, none of this is required for any author but what is there to lose? Absolutely nothing. What is there to gain? Peers, the chance to help fellow writers and of course the valuable constructive criticism all writers need.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Amy Raines