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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Social Media Platform: Using Goodreads to Connect with Readers

While the usual social media platforms are a great way for authors to connect with readers and tease new promotional materials, Goodreads is a platform that is claiming its space little by little and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Purely a platform for authors and readers to connect with each other directly, Goodreads offers a space for everyone to become one community and share their love for books and literature with each other.

Goodreads is the perfect place for authors who would like to connect with their readers on a personal level. Authors can share new book releases, promotions and even host giveaways for their readers to build up their social media presence. For the authors who seriously want to boost their social media presence, Goodreads is a great way to engage with their readers.

What Makes Goodreads So Special?

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to connect with readers and the literary community alike; however Goodreads is purely a platform where an author can connect with readers and readers alone. The reason why many authors are now moving towards Goodreads because maintaining an active profile on the profile is actually low maintenance. Posting once a week or posting seldom is often enough, as long as the author makes it personal and engaging for the reader. If you don’t like to write auxiliary content then Goodreads can be a great way for you to stay connected with the community.

One great thing that attracts authors to Goodreads is the fact that they don’t necessarily have to post pictures with their content. Since many authors are not comfortable with taking high quality pictures, it is a perk that they enjoy about this platform. If the author can pull it off, then taking time to write an actual blog can do wonders for them and increase their reach. The best thing about Goodreads is that you can easily cross-post the blogs that you have already posted on your website, so there is no pressure for you to write a new blog post from scratch. Simply sharing a blog posted on your website would be good enough.

Since readers avidly use this platform for book clubs and reading lists, readers like to share book recommendations with each other regularly. So setting up your account on Goodreads, creating your own reading list and recommending your books (along with other books by authors) to readers can be a great way for you to increase exposure to your own content. You can create your own shelves in which you can basically announce to the world that these are the books that have been published under your name and the reader might want to check them out.

A bonus of Goodreads is their giveaway program that allows authors to send copies of their book to their readers directly. With the option to open giveaways internationally or domestically, authors can publicize their books insanely fast. Many authors create a giveaway for an unpublished book or novel just weeks before its publication so that more people can learn about it and attempt to enter the giveaway. Another perk of Goodreads is that the reviews posted there can also be posted on Amazon as well, so the authors who would like to get more reviews on Amazon should join Goodreads as well.  

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Rabia Tanveer

Peggy Jo Wipf

This article is exactly why I love Goodreads. The platform is easy and I can follow all my favorite authors. I love meeting new people who share my passion for books.