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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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The Benefits Of Being A Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer has so many benefits. Kind of like the smorgasbord of all jobs. You can be a jack of all trades. I have briefly listed what I think are the top bonuses of being a freelance writer.  

You are your own boss as a freelance writer. There is no supervisor yelling at you. You can work from anywhere. You can work at your house or the beach as a freelance writer. Do you get the picture? You decide who to work with. Do you want to work for or with Suzy or Bill? Work your own hours as a freelance writer. Do you prefer mornings, evenings or nights? There is no commute for a freelance writer unless you count the steps to your coffee maker. There are no starting fees. There are some online jobs that cost to join. Beware as most are scams.

Real opportunities for a freelancer writer do not cost a penny. Freelance writing is a good second income. Maybe you find yourself coming home from a 9 to 5 job and still not making ends meet. Freelance writing makes a decent side income. There are no expensive lunches or happy hour. Search through your own kitchen. Clothe yourself in whatever wardrobe you want. Save money and wear jammies. Dressy office clothes are so expensive, everything from pantyhose to dresses if you are a woman to suits and ties if you are a man. Are such expensive clothes really needed?

There is no office gossip to have to listen to when you are a freelance writer. There is no, “Oh, I heard she is sleeping with so and so” or the like. There is no boredom as a freelance writer. I have been a file clerk many times. I have also been a toilet scrubber. Files and toilets become monotonous, but freelance writing does not become monotonous. Then, you decide the amount you want to earn. There is a lot of steady work. Just search freelance writing jobs on the internet. Need I say more? From greeting card verses to magazine articles to slogans to...that’s just the beginning. There are times when one has to work one’s way up as a freelance writer, but it pays off. Joyce Meyer often says that one has to have their meat and potatoes first and then have dessert. Finally, one then does not have to pay for daycare or babysitting when a freelance writer. One can work and have the kids at home.

This job is all about “you”. You are self-employed. You make the decisions, just like a fitness coach decides to work on the abs one day, the legs the next, the get the drift? Times have changed and print newspaper classified ads are scarcely utilized. But, writers are always going to be in need, one way or another, whether paper or online. So, if you want a job opportunity that is always going to be in demand, freelance writing is the way to go. 

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo