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What A Book Reviewer Can Learn From A Child

As a book reviewer, you might simply take your work seriously and let life fly right past you. Yes, work is a necessity, but so is your health. Do you want to be a burden to your loved ones one day? Do you want skyrocketing doctor and pharmacy costs? So, I have come up with a few ways to learn from a child on how to appreciate your life.

We all need siestas. Don’t think you are being lazy. There are countries with set siesta times to boost productivity. When a child is tired, they take a siesta.

Children like to play. For book reviewers, this is a good way to reduce stress. Get in at least 10 minutes of activity every day. The founder of, a fitness and nutrition website, named Sparkguy, recommends this all the time., 

Eat and appreciate simple food. Nothing elaborate. During my babysitting days, a little boy I babysat always requested egg sandwiches. Guess what I crave all of the time now?  Eggs! Inexpensive, healthy and tasty! Don’t forget to eat when you are reviewing a book! For example, tonight, I plan on making freezer burritos, which include eggs. Whenever I am hungry I can take one of the freezer burritos out of the freezer and microwave for 2 minutes. No missing a meal!

It is OK to have a bad day or cry every so often. After the upset, they forget all about being upset. They do not brood.

They build relationships so innocently without expecting anything in return. No scratch my back I scratch your back.

They use their imagination, such as coloring in coloring books or reading books. What came first pertaining to coloring books? Children’s coloring books came first. Now the rage is adult coloring books! Children love a good storybook. How many times have you heard that children love a good bedtime story?

Laughing - a good belly laugh is healthy. Children laugh so easily. Book reviewers need to learn to laugh more. Don’t be so serious!

It is OK to cry. Bottling up all of those bad feelings is not healthy. Maybe you thought you did well on a book review, but an editor didn’t. Hop right back on the wagon.

Appreciate the little things. Did you get good feedback from an author?

Have you ever thought about going back to school? School is not just for kids. 

These are simply some suggestions on how a book reviewer can take back their health by learning from a child, as simple as can be. From getting a little sleep to shedding some tears, their life never gets out of control. So, pace yourself in getting those reviews accomplished. Don’t do them too fast. Have you ever watched a child speed read or write? I haven’t. They are usually slow and careful. Shouldn’t we be slow and careful? 

I hope this article made you think more about yourself! Be like a child! Take good care of yourself as much as the book you are reviewing and write on! 



Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo