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Proofreading, Editing, Critique

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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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When A Writer Should Write For Free

Are you just starting out in the writing business? Are you at a standstill with your writing business? Do you want to build up that resume? Do you need to polish up your creative writing skills a bit? Do you need a portfolio? Do some of the following suggestions for free and watch yourself shine. Also, you can do this without having a supervisor watching over your shoulder. Read about when a writer should write for free. 

You should start a blog, for free, such as with Blogger. By creating a blog, you can show your writing portfolio. You can find your best writing niche.

You should take part in writing contests. With writing contests, yes there is money involved. However, only if you win the contest. Right? You win money not owe money.    

You should write poetry. Get those feelings out of your head. Submit them to on-line poetry websites and/or magazines. Nine times out of ten you are simply going to win a subscription if published. However, this is a feeling of accomplishment.

You should take free on-line writing courses. Search on Pinterest for a ton of free courses. Brush up on a few things.

You should keep a journal. Write for gratitude, watch your outlook on life grow. Write for fitness and nutrition, watch yourself lose weight. 

You should make creative social media posts. Get on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then pick and choose what you want to communicate.

You should write letters to the editor.  Have absolutely anything on your mind? Feel like getting something off your chest?  

You should take part in writing forums. For example on a discussion forum website such as myLot. You can discuss anything. Just like sitting with a friend over a can of beer or a cup of coffee.

You should sign-up with pen pal websites. Learn about different cultures and different languages.

You should create writing jars. For a gift, grab a jar and little slips of paper. On each slip, write what makes a friend special to you. When the jar is filled, the jar is ready to present. Unique, huh?

You should create homemade greeting cards. This is another gift idea. This shows “I care” and your creative writing talent.

So, these write for free suggestions are what I think are the most productive to accomplish. Sure, you can sit there and do what the experts say to do, such as brainstorming. But, how boring is that? Just scribbles and scribbles. One thing though, you might need a good second source of income while doing these labors of love. Make special sets of time carved out when you are not working your major job. Believe me, I know that writing IS a job. But until then, write for free for a while and get exposure. Until you are simply polished up. You are going to need to pay the bills some way. So, I hope these suggestions are more than just scribbles to you. Shine on! Write on!

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo