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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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When Writers Volunteer

There are benefits volunteering can do for a writer, mentally, physically and spiritually. I can give you a few examples of my own. In the past, I was a volunteer for a religious newspaper as a writer. Doing this made me grow spiritually in my faith and as a writer. Then, I volunteer as a team leader on a well-known fitness and nutrition website, where I lead teams on many topics, even a team whose members are writers and want to lead a healthy life. So, this volunteering helps me out physically. Following on, there are mental benefits in writing. I use my mind in writing articles on various topics to writing book reviews on books ranging from children's’ to self-help to who knows what is available. It is also a writing job.

Mentally, for example, you could teach a person how to read. Not only are you stimulating their mind, but also yours. A writer needs a stimulated mind. Right?

Physically, you could volunteer as a coach. All of that walking can offset the sedentary lifestyle that writers often have. How about taking pride in your community by planting flowers? 

Spiritually, you could volunteer for a church. Need I say more? You can feel a sense of hope. You may not be religious, but you might believe in a higher power. 

With any of these, you are going to feel so much better about yourself. Your self-esteem is going to soar, no matter what your age. Joyce Meyer, of Joyce Meyer Ministries, always says that if you are ever in a funk to do something good for someone else, then feel better in an instant! No more depression. Maybe take your neighbor some food. Maybe babysit a couple’s child.

Make new friends. Your volunteering is going to be so appreciated. Most likely, you are going to be loved for it. They may not be able to repay you for your service, but I am sure if they could, they would. 

Is there a cause that you believe in, such as in political, religious, etc.? Why not show your pride in such cause? 

Volunteering looks good on a resume. It shows you are a people person. It shows you are a hard worker. It shows you have various skills. I am guilty of having my volunteering work on my LinkedIn account. This is a way of networking. So, why not?

There are really many ways to volunteer. All you need to do is Google or Yahoo.

Are you physically disabled? Then, volunteer online. There are plenty of opportunities for you also. No worries.

I hope that this little article sparks some interest in you to get out there. Getting out there and meeting new people is what it is all about. You can forget about all of your troubles and take on somebody else’s troubles. They say that there is always someone out there who would gladly change places with you. So count your blessings and help others in need.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo