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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Why A Writer Should Have A Website

I have wanted a website that is all about me, myself and I. Are you tired of “attaching” your resume also? Instead of me having to find them, I want them to find me. But, I am intimidated by the whole on-line resume thing. However, I am not going to give up. 

This is the internet age.  Employers want to know if you can work productively and with excellence. Do you write carefully? Do you do your research? Are you error-free? Do you actually know how to work with a computer? Do you have what it takes for them to hire you?

Have you entertained the thought of having a website? Why not? There are so many tutorials out there to help you. 

Are you saying you cannot afford one? Now I know the feeling. There are websites out there for free. But, so many people preach that such websites are not good enough or professional enough. Why not? Personally, I feel they are just as good. Many writers get paid through PayPal. Last time I checked, BlueHost, the most popular hosting, would not accept PayPal. Their reasoning? I have no clue. Simply build a website with free or free

Make your website as unique as you are. Employers are more likely to remember you. Make your website “catchy”. Create links to websites you have written for. Remember, back in the day, a potential employer may only look at your paper resume for a couple of minutes? 

Do you specialize or generalize? Stress these points. If you only like to write for one area, say so. Are you good in a lot of areas? Stress that. Accentuate your positives. By the way, you do not have to be an Ivy League scholar to have a website. With a website, you have the same chance of being seen and most importantly being hired. 

Think of your website as your 24-hour resume, working while you are either awake or asleep. Thank Google!

With having a website, gone are the 24 hours of scouring over writer job search websites.

Think of yourself as a businesswoman or man. You need to basically make a presentation, then sell yourself. The best part? You can be business-like while in your jammies if working from home. Some experts say to dress up. I like working in a pair of blue jeans or leggings just fine. 

Why do I use the term “employer” instead of “client”? They are paying you. They are the boss. To me, that means employer. Maybe I am just weird.

So, forget about not having enough money. Stop thinking you are not smart enough. Stop thinking you are not going to land a gig. If you do not put yourself out there, you are going to live in the land of what-ifs. 

I hope if you do not have a website already, that you give some thought to it. If you end up not liking it, you can always deactivate it. 

Write on!

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo