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Why It Is Important To Read To Your Child Before Bed

Getting your child to bed at night can prove to be a very tough job. Some parents adopt the method of reading to their children before bed. It not only calms down their hyperactive children but also provides a myriad of other benefits. Why is it important to read to your child before bed when it is much easier to hand them your mobile phone as their favorite cartoon lulls them to sleep? In this article, you will find various benefits of reading to your child before bed.

1. Build a Routine:

A child needs a proper routine to build themselves into a well-developed adult. For some parents, getting their children to sleep at night can be quite a feat. Therefore, if they introduce the nightly routine of reading books, after a while, the child will automatically associate reading with bedtime. It helps them sleep well and also binds them to the routine.

2. Cultivate the Habit of Reading:

The habit of reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Some people are born with a love for books, while some cultivate it over time. Bedtime reading is a great way to cultivate the habit of reading in your child. It is better if you let them do the reading. It polishes their reading skills and develops in your child a positive habit that will stay with them throughout their life.

3. It Strengthens their Vocabulary:

Children are very curious. They question things without hesitation. Since your child is just getting introduced to language and forming sentences, there is no better way to help them than by reading to them. When they hear you read, they’ll question the meaning of the words they don’t understand and as well learn the correct usage of those words in sentences. It strengthens their vocabulary and boosts their confidence.

4. Piques their Imagination:

Reading leaves a lot of space for imagination. Since the scenes are not playing out in front of their eyes, it allows the child to conjure up colorful visuals in their head. It gives the child the freedom of imagination and helps them be creative. It will work as a stepping stone for your child to become a creative and open-minded person.

5. Instill Morals in Them:

Children’s storybooks always end with a moral lesson. Reading to your child instills in them basic morals. They learn the importance of honesty or the consequences of being greedy or overconfident. These morals are not taught to them in the form of lectures but practically through the examples set by the characters.

6. It Strengthens the Parent-Child Relationship:

Reading to your child will help you better connect with them. It is a fun activity that will entertain your child and make them feel closer to you. If you don’t get to spend much time with your child during the day, reading to them at bedtime is a great way of connecting with your child. 

It is important to read to your child before bed. It cultivates in them the most important of habits and teaches them a myriad of lessons. But it is not only the child who benefits from it. Reading to your child at bedtime teaches you to be patient with them and helps you spend quality time with them that isn’t a possibility during the day.

Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Manik Chaturmutha