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Hundreds of Helpful Articles

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Writers And Day Jobs

As a writer, have you ever been told to get a “real” job? Me too. Have you been ever asked, “You’ve been keeping busy, haven’t you?” Me too. It’s like the word “writer” means that hey, I am lazy, sit on my butt, daydream and do nothing. I would like to say to these people, “Hey, how was that morning newspaper with your coffee?” or “Wow, how was that trashy romance you read while the kids were asleep?” But, if you feel pressured, then I have a little discussion here to make you feel better. Maybe this could cheer you up to get started…  Jack Kerouac was a dishwasher. Kurt Vonnegut was a car dealer.  

Make sure that the job is going to keep you financially comfortable with what you need to survive. Not only do you need food, clothing, shelter, electricity, etc., but you also need basic necessities. Then, comes all of those writing basics, a computer and tons of office supplies. Do you realize how many memo pads, pens, post-it notes, flash drives, etc. that I go through? You are a better writer than I so I am sure you probably go through even more. Tip? Buy your writing supplies at dollar stores instead of office supply stores. 

Does the job give you a good some good physical activity? This would be a benefit for the sedentary life of most writers. A good blue collar job would definitely keep you on your toes.

Is the day job going to give you the time you need to write? A direct sales job may be a good example. You may not think of yourself as a good salesperson, but you make your own hours and how good is that? I sold Avon products for eight (8) years while volunteering for a religious newspaper and writing greeting card verse.

Other jobs I think would be good are jobs that help you connect with people. So, be one of them. A restaurant employee is all about hospitality. A secretary has to make sure her typing is good and that all the correspondence is perfect. A librarian is up on the past, present and future of the book scene and can point the patron in the right direction. A tutor, whether of a child or an adult, is caring, understanding and patient. A politician speaks up for the people and the community. A gardener makes sure there is food for the people. 

As you can see, this was just a sample. There are many intelligent writers who tend to look down upon the common person. What has that "intelligent” writer given to society? So, writers out there, again, be one with the people.

You as a writer may be a bestselling author one day, but do not ever let yourself forget where you came from. Some people do and that is sad. Joyce Meyer had a terrible upbringing, but she took those stones thrown at her to build herself up. She has over 100 books and a worldwide ministry. She never forgot where she came from. Good luck. 


Written by Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo