My Sister, My Daughter, and Me

My Sister, My Daughter, and Me

Non-Fiction - Biography
358 Pages
Reviewed on 10/21/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Susana Pena for Readers' Favorite

My Sister, My Daughter, and Me by Shirley Rose Webb is a beautiful memoir that recounts the lives of the author and her family. In the beginning of the book, the author recalls her childhood days in Costa Rica where she had some struggles, but also happy moments. Her loving grandmother and aunt took good care of her and her siblings, while her parents searched for a better life in the USA. The author then gets married at a young age and has two children, Luke and Natalie, after moving to the USA as well. After leaving her crumbling marriage, the author struggles with being a single mom. Soon after this, she meets her loving and supportive future husband, Torreey. The middle of the book focuses on her favorite sister, Lina, and the wild and fun times that they shared together. From their celebrity encounters to dancing the night away, the sisters had a special bond and they were always together, doing crazy things. Towards the end of the book, the author focuses on her daughter, Natalie. She mentions the struggles that she faced after a failed marriage, but also the joy that she felt in being a mom to her grandson, Mason. Throughout the book, many happy times are mentioned, but tragedies also strike, and they are very emotional to read. The author gains strength and support from her loving family and many close friends.

I really enjoyed reading My Sister, My Daughter, and Me by Shirley Rose Webb because it was a very entertaining book. The author spoke from the heart and I learned a lot about her crazy and loving family. Coming from a Latin background myself, I could relate to a lot of the things the author spoke of that happened in her family. I felt a lot of different emotions while reading this book, from happiness to sadness, to everything else in between. I also laughed a lot at some of the funny events the author mentioned; they were very funny! I could also feel the author’s pain when tragedy struck and I witnessed the deep love that she felt for her sister and daughter. The author is a fighter and I admired her strength and determination that she displayed throughout her memoir. She is a loving mother, sister, wife, and grandmother that cares very much about her family. Her sister and daughter must be very proud of her for writing this heartwarming book!