Children - Grade 4th-6th

The Misadventures of Marvin Miller

Volume 1
By Megan E Cassidy

The Misadventures of Marvin Miller (Volume 1) by Megan E Cassidy tells the story of Marvin and a set of unfortunate circumstances that combine to prevent Marvin from finding a girlfriend. Poor Marvin is put under so much pressure by his peers to get himself...

The Shadow of the Tudor Rose

Shadows from the Past Book 9
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

What would you do if your parents were lost in time? Would you risk everything to find them? The Shadow of the Tudor Rose by Wendy Leighton-Porter is a sensational children's historical adventure. Eleven-year-old twins Jemima and Joe Lancelot have come within hours of finding...

The Haunted Funfair

The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2
By Alex Woburn

The Haunted Funfair: The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2 is an adventure fantasy for preteens and children, grades 4-6, written by Alex Woburn. Melody Magic and her friends were intrigued when the documentary their teacher, Miss Bell, was showing them was interrupted by...

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Catch the Watercolored Wind

Jamestown 1617
By Jan Frazier

Life in seventeenth century Jamestown, Virginia is beautifully depicted in the amazing historical novel, Catch the Watercolored Wind by Jan Frazier. After his father dies in 1616, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements, his sister and two brothers sail from London to Jamestown with their newly widowed mother,...

Megan's Munchkins

Megan's World Volume 1
By Ms. Pamela Foland

Megan's Munchkins (Megan's World) (Volume 1) by Ms. Pamela Foland is a cute fiction book about a young teenage girl and her adventures with animals. Megan's Munchkins begins with an introduction to Megan, a young teenager who happens to find tiny day-old kittens. Not wanting...

The Bug Boys

By Stewart Hoffman

The Bug Boys is a science fiction and fantasy novel for children and preteens written by Stewart Hoffman. Alex and Ian’s big problem was personified in the form of the local bully, Darren, who was also twelve years old as they were, but had somehow...

The Robbie Petersen Exchange

The Acts of the Dragons Book 2
By Jarrod Edge, Isabella Edge

The Robbie Petersen Exchange (The Acts of the Dragons Book 2) by Jarrod and Isabella Edge is a highly imaginative story based on four siblings with extraordinary skills, who also work for the FBI. The children go on a secret mission to uncover information about...

The One Eyed Pug

By Deborah Hunt

The One Eyed Pug by Deborah Hunt is the story of a cute little puppy who had to be separated from her dog family, the different homes she had to live in, the new friends she had to make, and how her life changed with...

Here Comes Bobo and Scooter

The Adventures of Bobo Book 2
By James Gordon

It can be hard being a kid, especially for one in elementary school. In Here Comes Bobo and Scooter (The Adventures of Bobo Book 2) by James Gordon, Bobo got the chance to experience growing up first hand by dealing with bullying, rejection and getting...

Please Love Umma

By Gracie Kim

Please Love Umma by Gracie Kim is the story of Jenna Kim, an eleven-year-old Korean-American, which is loosely based on some historic events and real life experiences. Jenna Kim is brought up in an atmosphere where she has an overprotective mother and an understanding father....