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Mc Inty's Goats

A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom
By Caoimhe Lawlor

Mc Inty’s Goats: A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom by Caoimhe Lawlor is the story of a young leprechaun who was a thousand years old and lived inside the hollow in a Great Elm Tree. He had lots of friends in the forest and...

Æsop's Fables

Volume One
By Lucas Hucher, Æsop

Aesop’s Fables by Lucas Hucher is a modern retelling of some of the most famous stories told by legendary children’s story teller, Aesop. Using present day language, Hucher shares interesting, educational tales which are intended to entertain and provide wisdom for readers. In a manner...

The Seventh Birthday Wish

By Bruce E Arrington

The Seventh Birthday Wish is a children’s picture book written by Bruce E. Arrington and illustrated by Florence Jayne. Wesley was incredibly excited about waking up that morning. He was finally seven years old, and the magic door would open for him at last. He...

The Cookie That Saved Christmas

By Billy Baldwin

The Cookie That Saved Christmas is a children’s picture book written by Billy Baldwin and illustrated by Liesl Bell. On arrival at Crowsfoot Hill Orphanage, Dirk is surprised to see that there are no decorations and no Christmas spirit. Investigations reveal that the parents of...

The Dinosaur Tree

By Michael Verrett

The Dinosaur Tree by Michael Verrett is an intensely color-filled story about an industrious boy, set on doing his very best in a new job he acquires. He’s hired by McVee to do all sorts of yard chores like chase rabbits, pull weeds, water flowers,...


A Collection of Cattiverse
By J.R.Poulter (also wrting as J.R.McRae)

J.R. Poulter's Cattitudes: A Collection of Cattiverse is a delightful collection of rhyming poetry revolving around that wonderful feline. From big to small, they are all included, from tigers to lions to household kitties, there are even some cameos of dogs and other creatures. The...

The Abode

By Patricia Mather Parker

The Abode was run by Mrs Smilt and her husband. There were rules for everything, and severe punishments for any breaking of the never ending list. Fel had escaped, but not before becoming attached to some of the children there, specifically Molly, whom she had...

Gagandeep and Chuchundar

By Sarah Raj (Olga Vitvitskaia)

Gagandeep and Chuchundar by Sarah Raj tells the story of a small village boy, Gagandeep – affectionately called Gagan – and a large beast, Chuchundar, that lives in the forest and makes his nest at the top of the world’s tallest mountain; Malai. Chuchundar lives...

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The Very Cross Bun

Retelling of the Gingerbreadman Fable with Attitude
By J.R. Poulter

The Very Cross Bun, by J.R. Poulter, is a young children’s illustrated story about a piece of bread—a bun—that comes alive, has feelings (angry ones at that), and decides to run away before he is thrown out. He takes a high-speed journey on his own,...


By Chess Desalls

Frabbles by Chess Desalls is a collection of eleven fables. Each story is exactly 100 words long. The stories are engaging and entertaining for young readers and they conclude with a moral that is useful and encouraging. The stories are simple and will connect well...