Romance - Comedy

Pecker Tracks

By R.S. Dees

Pecker Tracks by R.S. Dees is a coming of age story. It's 1979 in Fort Peck; Ronnie is 15 and is still a virgin, as are all his friends. Then Mary Ellen arrives to stay with her aunt and all the boys are smitten with...

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Dining and Driving with Cats

Alice Unplugged
By Pat Patterson

Dining and Driving with Cats (Alice Unplugged) by Pat Patterson is a contemporary romance novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy heartwarming romances with elements of humor mixed in. Alice bribes her husband into a road...

The Leftover

By Brooke Williams

“You want me to do what?” Megan Malone would do anything for her sister, Molly, but she needed clarification on this rather bizarre request. Molly was the adventurous one. The athletic, social daredevil. Megan was thrilled when her sister’s desire to join the ranks of...

Double Trouble

By Darcy Flynn

Double Trouble is the perfect summertime read while relaxing on the beach or lounging on your front porch. Clare, her younger half-sister, Megan, and Will are the energizing main characters of this cheerful, 'get revenge' romantic comedy. Clare has been watching over Megan since their...

Upstairs, Downstairs ... and the Lift in Between

By Geralyn Corcillo

An absolutely charming romantic novella to relax with on the beach, a rainy afternoon, or a quiet Friday night, Upstairs, Downstairs ... and the Lift in Between is a must-have for any romance novel fan. Geralyn Corcillo brought a fun and playful American female character...

Flight Risk

Assignment: Romance Book 4
By Barbara Valentin

Flight Risk - Assignment: Romance Book 4 by Barbara Valentin is the story of a woman who is scared of heights, then an assignment makes her question her fears and she has no idea that she will find the love of her life. Aubrey Thomas...

Playing House

By Laura Chapman

Bailey Meredith is a talented, aspiring interior designer going nowhere in a prestigious firm in Playing House by Laura Chapman. Tired of being a gofer and having her ideas rejected, Bailey takes a chance at an interview and is surprised to be hired as a...

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing

The Green Room Chronicles Book 2
By J.D. Frettier

If you are looking for a quick read that is engaging, uplifting, yet a bit naughty, then search no further because J.D. Frettier’s delightfully risqué fantasy, Linda Gets Her Groove Thing, is what you are looking for. The pace is fast and the humor is...

Mann Cakes

A Beach Pointe Romance
By Mysti Parker

Mann Cakes tells the story of two brothers, Tanner and Garrett, and two sisters, Paige and Morgan. Tanner and Garrett had a PC business in the big city, but during their final deployment it burned to the ground with a good friend inside. So they...

Summer at Sunset

The Summer Series, Book 2
By Beth Labonte

Summer at Sunset is the second comedy romance novel in the Summer Series, written by Beth Labonte. After meeting Graham Blenderman on a cruise ship two years ago, Summer Hartwell is dreading her upcoming nuptials which are only weeks away. With a free wedding won...