Young Adult - Paranormal

In The Darkness

By Leah Hamrick

In the Darkness by Leah Hamrick is a fun little paranormal story that is just waiting to become a book. I loved it. Anna is a smart young woman just trying to get through her teenage world of school, boyfriends, parents, and something really scary...


Get Spooky Volume 1
By Jinx

Spook is the first book in the Get Spooky series. It tells the story of paranormal investigator, Daphne Fitz, who believes in ghosts, demons, and pretty much everything but aliens—maybe. After all, the line needed to be drawn somewhere! Having just received her online parapsychology...

Bloodline Gypsy

Jook and Gypsies, Vol. 1
By Shirley A. Martin

Bloodline Gypsy by Shirley A. Martin is the first volume in the Jook and Gypsies series, following Susannah after her mother and grandparents die, leaving her in the custody of a father she's never met. She thought this would be a fresh start for her,...

The Reader

The Immortals Book 1
By MK Harkins

The Reader by M.K. Harkins opens with three words, “I am dead.” A gun shot wound, no memory, and two strangers are just a few of the things that greet Ann Baker when she wakes up on a beach. Quickly, she finds herself thrown into...

The Portal Curse

By J.P. Murgly

The Portal Curse by J.P. Murgly is a young adult supernatural novel about a teenage girl who discovers the truth about her past when a mysterious stranger arrives at her school. When all the girls start fawning and obsessing over Cole, Claire immediately realizes something...


(Volume 1)
By Meg Bonney

Many people think that Madison Rosewood has it all – a free ride to college, a great best friend, and the chance to make something of herself. For Madison, though, that isn’t important because, now that she is turning 18, she can finally begin the...

Blue Solace

New Bonus Content 2017 Edition
By Angela Dawn Staten

Blue Solace (New Bonus Content 2017 Edition) by Angela Dawn Staten definitely has a lot of surprising moments that will delight fans of the genre. The concept of dead people rising and shadows and vampires hunting amongst them was a curious one for me. Then...

In the Middle

By S. J. Henderson

In the Middle is centered around Lucy (Lucille Torres) who is forced to move in with her Aunt Perdita after she loses her parents in a car crash. Aside from the physical injuries, she also suffers emotional injuries as she was the one behind the...

Inborn Magic

Hidden Coven Series, Book 1
By Kim McDougall

Inborn Magic is the first novella in the Hidden Coven Series, written by Kim McDougall. After a fire-lighting spell goes awry, Bobbi Cole lies paralyzed, but conscious, at her home. Her rescuers come in the form of Quinn and Abilene Mason, who’d sensed the witch...

Anabelle Lost

A strangely unfamiliar story
By Melissa Volker

Anabelle Lost is a young adult urban fantasy novel written by Melissa Volker. Anabelle’s very identity was abruptly challenged and shattered as she woke up one morning. She was to have gone to her part-time job at the local bookstore, where she was working to...