Young Adult - Romance

Somewhere to Spend Christmas

Finding Somewhere Series Book 2
By Verna Clay

Somewhere to Spend Christmas, Book Two of the Finding Somewhere Series by Verna Clay, is a fabulous read any time of the year, though the crisp feeling of winter holiday is ever present and welcome. I became a fan after reading the first Somewhere book...

Sweet Water

Birds of a Feather Book 2
By Lena North

Sweet Water by Lena North is book two in the Birds of a Feather series, a romance that is masterfully crafted for young readers, with memorable and realistic characters. Doctor and engineer Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater is a self-made woman, a character who has survived on...

Something Beautiful

By Amanda Gernentz Hanson

A temporary life change leads to a lifelong struggle with depression and mental illness for Cordelia Quinn. Declan MacLeod, her best friend since they were both just three years old, tries his best to protect Cordelia, or Cord, as he affectionately calls her, from everything,...

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The Slope Rules

By Melanie Hooyenga

The Slope Rules by Melanie Hooyenga is a great romance for young adult readers, a story that explores love, coming of age, and personal growth. During the holidays, Cally, a fifteen-year-old beauty meets Blake, a “hot snowboarder,” with whom she develops a strong connection. But...

Dragon Amour

A Dragon Half-Breed Novel
By Robin Ambrozic

Jennifer, also called JJ by her friends, is the protagonist of the YA fantasy novel Dragon Amour by Robin Ambrozic. When her best friend's cousin turns up, JJ's life changes in many ways. First, her heart finally starts to feel what love is, but then...

Dating the It Guy

By Krysten Lindsay Hager

Dating the It Guy by Krysten Lindsay Hager is a coming-of-age story that explores the complexities of relationships, a story that masterfully captures the dilemmas that young girls face in relationships, especially if they have been cheated on before. Emme is in her sophomore year...

Mann Cakes

A Beach Pointe Romance
By Mysti Parker

Mann Cakes tells the story of two brothers, Tanner and Garrett, and two sisters, Paige and Morgan. Tanner and Garrett had a PC business in the big city, but during their final deployment it burned to the ground with a good friend inside. So they...

The Guy On My Flight

By Steve Baker

When twenty-year-old Lillian gets an internship with Teen Life Magazine, she is more than thrilled to begin what she hopes is a successful job in journalism. Even though she was not that impressed with Teen Life, Lillian realized the cross country trip from California to...

Chasing Paradise

A Paradise Novel Book One
By Cindy Patterson

Chasing Paradise by Cindy Patterson is book one in her Paradise Novel series, and it is one that should not be missed. As I sat down to read this book, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew it would be Amish. I knew...

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My Fair Assassin

A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (A Paranormal Misfits Romance Book 1)
By C.J. Anaya

My Fair Assassin by C.J. Anaya is the first book in the Paranormal Misfits series. Crysta lives every day trying to fit in and make it to the next day. She dyes her naturally white hair so she'll look like a typical teenage girl. She...