Young Adult - Coming of Age

Seasons Within

Nature Has Its Own Will
By Lele Iturrioz

Seasons Within: Nature Has Its Own Will by Lele Iturrioz is an epic fantasy for young readers. But what did I just say? No, it’s a fantasy for young readers or young adult readers, but it will also be a thrill read for fantasy fans...

Concrete Wings

By Beverly Gandara

Concrete Wings: One Man’s Fifty Year Journey to Personal Freedom by Beverly Gandara is a historical novel that follows the life and struggles of Julian Vida, a Cuban immigrant, and his journey to inner freedom. It is the eve of the event that has come...

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Talk To Me

HELP ME! Book 2
By Donna M. Zadunajsky

As a teenager in high school, this should be the best time of your life. In high school there is so much to explore and experience, from parties and hanging out with your friends to discovering a new outlook on your future, but instead this...

World of the Orb

By Michael Thompson

I have read a couple of good books this year where the hero is somehow transported to a fantastic realm by mysterious and magical means. It’s an angle I like as a reader. I like the magical and fantastic landscapes, but it’s nice when the...

See Me

Breaking the Rules Series Book 1
By Heather Hobbs

See Me by Heather Hobbs is the first volume in the Breaking The Rules series. Hannah is an introverted teenager who follows her own set of rules. Those rules are meant to keep her invisible and out of any kind of trouble. She made up...

Life Sliding

By S. L. Mauldin

Life Sliding is a young adult coming of age novel written by S.L. Mauldin. Though he had indeed handcrafted the persona that made him the kid everyone wanted to emulate, even Gavin Bailey found the yearbook title, “The Most Looked Up To,” somewhat tedious and...

Conjuration Rising

By Kristyn Van Cleave

Conjuration Rising by Kristyn Van Cleave is the second book in the Dreambreath Saga, a story that is a work of beauty and a joy to read. At eleven, Eylene was literally “ripped” from her home, planet, and family. She may be living on earth,...

Hiding in Third Person

By Phil Bradley

Hiding in Third Person by Phil Bradley follows the story of Ricky, an orderly at the Cumberland County Asylum for the Mentally Ill. When Ricky is asked to listen to the story of a patient, he's drawn into a tale of friendship, fear, survival, and...

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Feathers and Fireflies

By Melanie Rodriguez

Feathers and Fireflies by Melanie Rodriguez is a young adult fantasy novella centering around seventeen-year-old Rory, as she tries to fulfill her dream of seeing the shapeshifters dance on summer solstice. In the village of Vanora, Rory knows she doesn’t fit in. Having lost both...

Imagine Jade Gone

Book 2 of Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate
By Wray Ardan

Imagine Jade Gone by Wray Ardan is the sequel to Sweet Desire, Wicked Fate. Jaden Lisette thought the worst thing she had to deal with was attempting to get along with her sister. That all changed when she accidentally released her late grandfather's bloodthirsty creations...