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Coming Home

Windsor Falls Volume 1
By Kimberley O'Malley

Coming Home tells the story of ER doctor Elizabeth Fitzgerald and her journey back to the woman she used to be when called home to Windsor Falls. After back to back tragedies sent her running across the country a decade ago, her mother’s health scare...

Butterfly Dreams

Love is a gift at any age. Isn't it?
By Bonnie Engstrom

“You make the most unique salads. Heavens, Betsy, you should go into the business.” And that’s how it all started. Elizabeth Wysinotski, better known as Elisabeth Whatzit, is having a bad day. The tomato is mushy and she is out of extra virgin olive oil....

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Crazy in Love

By Annabelle Costa

Crazy in Love is the story of Anna Flint and Matt Harper, two programmers who spend years sharing a cubicle wall and trying very hard not to crush on each other. Anna is a mess, but she is also completely wonderful. She collects can, as...

Begin Again

Home In You Book 2
By Crystal Walton

Begin Again by Crystal Walton is Book Two in the Home in You series, a beautifully written Christian romance. I love romance that is built on characters who are broken somehow, people whose pain allows them to connect genuinely with others. Crystal Walton has created...

Where the Love Light Gleams

By Roberta Kennedy

The setting in Where the Love Light Gleams by Roberta Kennedy is what first caught my attention as I started this story. The author has a powerful way of making readers see the landscape in their imaginations. As the story begins, the reader is introduced...

Beyond the Void Darkly

A Christian Time Travel Love Story
By Douglas Tanner

Beyond the Void Darkly (A Christian Time Travel Love Story) by Douglas Tanner is a fascinating love story that is set between 1883 and 2031, where readers are introduced to Mathew Walton who works as a pharmaceutical scientist. He is trying to find a cure...

Chasing Paradise

A Paradise Novel Book One
By Cindy Patterson

Chasing Paradise by Cindy Patterson is book one in her Paradise Novel series, and it is one that should not be missed. As I sat down to read this book, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew it would be Amish. I knew...

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Magnolia Morning

By Linda Baten Johnson

The war is over, but for many people in the South, the basic war of daily survival carries on. Martha and her mother, Ellen, have struggled to keep their home and their land from the warring factions that stole anything and everything they could get...

Garden of No Escape

By Charles Bailey

Garden of No Escape by Charles Bailey is a great novel with meaningful symbolic undertones. It’s packed with action and features interesting and likeable characters. The setting is in the future, around 2082, and the problems humanity faces – like the war between the Christian...

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The Power of Prayer

A "Heartbeats" Novel
By Lorana Hoopes

Callie’s wedding is perfectly planned and well-publicized, since she took every opportunity to talk about her big day. But in the final moments prior to walking down the aisle, those perfect plans begin to dissolve, one by one. Everything is ready. The photographer, the food,...