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Layered Lies

Kelsey's Burden Series Book 1
By Kaylie Hunter

Layered Lies (Kelsey’s Burden Series Book 1) has a dramatic and horrific prologue. Miami undercover cop, Kelsey Harrison, returns home to find her babysitter dead and her five-year-old son missing. Two weeks later, Kelsey flees Miami, but that is a ploy to save lives; she...


Groupie, Volume 2 of 2
By Susan Daugherty

Muse by Susan Daugherty is Book 2 of the Groupie Series. Jackson, the country and western superstar, is on tour with his physical therapist, Lexie, and both are trying to mend broken hearts. What should have been a happy ending for them ended with a...

Walls of Silence

By Helen Pryke

Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke is the story of young Maria. She lives in a beautiful mountainous region of Sicily, and could be envied by many. She has a good life with her family and is blessed with many friends. Then tragedy strikes and...

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Too Nice a Guy?

By Keith David Harris

Too Nice a Guy? is a contemporary fiction novel written by Keith David Harris. Kevin Whidbey’s life hadn’t turned out exactly how he had hoped it would. He had married the gorgeous girl he fell in love with, graduated from law school, passed the bar...

One Wrong Turn

By Deanna Lynn Sletten

With so much to do to get the soon-to-open Bed and Breakfast ready, Jess Connors tries to do too much too fast. In One Wrong Turn by Deanna Lynn Sletten, Jess swerves on the wet highway to avoid a dog and the SUV skids and...

Where We Belong

Time Between
By Lori W. Duncan

Where We Belong: Time Between is written by Lori W. Duncan. When Addyson Caldwell lands a job as a tour guide, she is delighted. In addition to her being pleased at successfully landing a summer job, she will also be away from home for the...

Back to Blueberry Pond

By Carla Trueheart

Kyle, Brandon and Vanessa make a friendship pact and each places a treasured item in a Tupperware bowl, to be buried and never uncovered again. As they grow older and drift apart, each friend holds tightly onto the secrets of that night and their friendship...

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Words Never Spoken

A Book of Spoken Word
By Cheryl Denise Bannerman

My initial reaction on reading several of the poems in Words Never Spoken, by Cheryl Denise Bannerman, was: “Wow. What pain. What honesty.” Set forth in seven parts, following the subject’s life struggles, the book invites readers to consider a series of questions at the...

True Mercy

By Idelle Kursman

True Mercy by Idelle Kursman is a riveting and suspenseful thriller about a girl's attempted escape from modern slavery. It was early morning in Chisinau, Moldova and Marina was on her way to the station to catch a train. At the quiet and empty station,...

Broken Wide Open

A Sand and Sunset Novel Stand-Alone Romance
By Susan Griscom

When we first meet Grace, she is a happy bride, but that quickly ends and, in her heartbroken state of mind, she decides to go on her planned honeymoon to Bora Bora alone. Leo is in Bora Bora on a work assignment in the room...

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