Romance - Historical

On Different Shores

For Their Country's Good Book 1
By Rebecca Bryn

On Different Shores (For Their Country’s Good Book 1) by Rebecca Bryn opens in a country rectory in Victorian England, where Ella has been sent after being caught sharing a kiss with her employer’s son. Whilst Reverend Buchanan seeks a suitable husband for his dowerless...

The Moor

Book I of the Crusader Trilogy
By Reina Donovan

The Moor (Book I of the Crusader Trilogy) by Reina Donovan is a short novella set in a little Christian kingdom named Mordo somewhere in medieval Europe. The Moors have extended their domain right up to the northern ranges of the Iberian Peninsula. Medieval Spain...

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Intriguing the Viscount

His Majesty's Hounds Book 2
By Arietta Richmond

Intriguing The Viscount is set in London in the period shortly following Waterloo and Napoleon’s final exile to St. Helena. While it is an excellent Regency-era romance, it also delves into some of the social issues of the day, including the grinding poverty experienced by...

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The Black Raven, White Dove

By Elle Marlow

Bianca is a pampered young lady, but she is also a lady with a caring heart. She never knew her mother and her father is very distant. Little does she know that her pampered existence came at a price and her father is the evil...

The Angel of Soriano

A Renaissance Romance
By Stella Marie Alden

The Angel of Soriano is a historical romance set in Renaissance Italy, populated by a fascinating cast of characters including the infamous Cesare Borgia, who plays a major part as a villain in the book. Loosely basing the plot on an old story of a...

A Rebel Among Us

The Renegades Series book 3
By J.D.R. Hawkins

A Rebel Among Us by J.D.R. Hawkins is a Civil War novel with a powerful setting, great and compelling characters, and a plot that leaves readers no chance to put down the story, even for a moment. After the bloody battle of Gettysburg, the Confederates...

Mail Order Groom

By Dana Wayne

A historical romance, Mail Order Groom by Dana Wayne features great drama involving very compelling characters and a powerful conflict. Emma Marshall is the daughter of a rich and influential rancher; she is beautiful and strong-willed, determined to have her own way at a time...

Legacy Redeemed

Redeemed, Restored, Reclaimed Book 1
By Aubrey Grayson

Although Hector was not her favorite person, Susannah was forced to depend upon her guardian to assure her a secure future, as he had for her sisters. But Hector obviously had other plans for Susannah. Plans of which she wanted no part. It had...

The Ill-kept Oath

By CC Aune

The Ill-Kept Oath by C.C. Aune is the story of two young women in 1819 England; Lady Josephine Weston and Prudence Fairfeather. Josephine fears she'll always be known as an immature child, and be forever confined to her country home, but her summer begins to...

Nights Arose

By Andrea Roche

Set in Jamaica in the late 17th century, Nights Arose follows an amazing heroine, Arose du Mouchelle, as she constantly combats the efforts of a strong Voodoo priestess to take a coveted jewel, the Gem of the Red Spirit, that has been in her family...