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The Girl Who Loved Pots

By Rosilyn Seay

The Girl Who Loved Pots is a delightfully imaginative children’s book, written and illustrated by Rosilyn Seay. May is a young girl who loves to pretend. Like most little girls, May loves tea parties with her dolls and toys, as well as having long talks...

Tyler the Fish Visits Lorain Lighthouse

By Meaghan Fisher

What a sweet and informative tale! Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse, written by Meaghan Fisher and illustrated by Tim Rowe, is, as the title suggests, an engaging tale about a young fish on his very first school field trip. (Get it? Fish school!...

Libraries and Books and Words...Oh My!

By Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Libraries and Books and Words... Oh My! is an inspirational story about illiteracy (and how to overcome it), written and illustrated by Carey Rigby-Wilcox. Narrated from the viewpoint of Carey’s children, they talk of their mother’s extreme fear of going to the library. As a...

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By Ashley Tetzlaff

While kittens Nate and Kate enjoy running, jumping and just being their playful kitten selves, Squeaky encounters many obstacles of being the smallest kitten in the family. Squeaky cannot drink from his water bowl, play ball with Nate and Kate, or join in on jumping...

Megan's Munchkins

Megan's World Volume 1
By Ms. Pamela Foland

Megan's Munchkins (Megan's World) (Volume 1) by Ms. Pamela Foland is a cute fiction book about a young teenage girl and her adventures with animals. Megan's Munchkins begins with an introduction to Megan, a young teenager who happens to find tiny day-old kittens. Not wanting...

Leo Learns to Swim

By Caren Cantrell

Leo Learns to Swim by Caren Cantrell is about a baby sea turtle who discovers, upon hatching, that he has one flipper shorter than the others. Unable to swim, Leo is too scared to follow his siblings and cousins into the ocean, but he knows...

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Sky Blue Dragonfly

By Daralyn Brody

Sky Blue Dragonfly is a children’s tale about bullying, written by Daralyn Brody and illustrated by Samantha Shasenaye Elliot. As a young girl walks home through the park, she delights in the magical sight of the clouds above and their unique shapes, as well as...

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By Carliss Maddox

Firstgarten is a children’s picture book written by Carliss Maddox and illustrated by Steve Feldman. The first day of school had finally arrived, but Michael was not at all happy about being a first grader. He had loved kindergarten and thought it would be much...

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Left Out

Looking for Normal Book 1
By Jean Gill

Left Out (Looking for Normal Book 1) by Jean Gill is a great book that children and teens will enjoy as they learn about what it's like to live and be seen as different. Jaime Williams can't help but feel left out. She can't seem...

The Amazing Apple Tree

By Donna Brooks

Have you ever thought about how beautiful nature can be when it passes by and kisses an apple tree? The Amazing Apple Tree by Donna Brooks is a colorful children’s picture book about how the apple tree evolves as the four seasons - Spring, Summer,...