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Animals Can Sing

A Forest Animals Adventure and Children's Picture Book
By M.O. Lufkin

Animals Can Sing is an illustrated children’s book, written in rhyme by M.O. Lufkin and illustrated by Saptarshi Nandy. With full sheet music and lyrics provided, Animals Can Sing can either be a sing-a-long tale (by those who are musically inclined) or simply be read...

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Gary the Garbage Can

By Jim Bayer

Gary the Garbage Can by Jim Bayer is a fun children's book about a garbage can named Gary. One day, Gary and his friend, Smitty the goat, are going frog-catching at the pond. Along the way, they pass a snake named Olive. Smitty wants to...

Buddy's New Friend

A Children's Picture Book - Pet Adoption & Teaching Compassion (Luna & Asher 2)
By P.T. Finch

Buddy’s New Friend is an enchanting and educational children’s book, written by P.T. Finch and illustrated by Gokhan Bas. Young siblings, Luna and Asher, are surprised when their cat, Buddy, approaches them, looking very sad. Being left alone for so long each day when...

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Beau Bear

The Fible of the Great Red Forest
By M.R. Everette

Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest is an action and adventure storybook for children, grades k-3, written by M.R. Everette. On the Title Page, the author explains that a fible is “a story with an untruth.” Armed with that knowledge, the reader...

Los Diggities, Dreams and Nightmares

By Jeanie Cunningham

Three dogs talking to each other. What’s odd about that? Los Diggities Dreams and Nightmares is an imaginative story about three dogs that have dreams—or nightmares. The three dogs—two males and a female—were all rescued by a human named Jeanie. Unfortunately, they all still remember...

The Dusenbury Curse

Crime Cats, Volume 2
By Wolfgang Parker

The Dusenbury Curse is the second adventure book in the Crime Cats series, written and illustrated by Wolfgang Parker. Eight-year-old Jonas Shurmann has a special gift: he can converse with cats. As Orville Dusenbury agrees to board two superheroes, CatBob and Neil Higgins, at the...

The Ansgar Kids Treasury

A Windflower Saga Collection, The Windflower Saga Volume 15
By Aleksandra Layland

The Ansgar Kids Treasury (A Windflower Saga Collection) by Aleksandra Layland is the fifteenth volume in the Windflower Saga. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of children and parents who have enjoyed the other books in the Windflower Saga,...

Charlie Finds A Home

A Homeless Guinea Hen's Journey
By Robin Vergato

Do you know what a Guinea Hen is? It is a fowl, much like a chicken, with flaps hanging on either side of their beaks. Originating in South Africa, these birds make excellent guard birds. Charlie is a Guinea Hen. He lives with a flock...

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue's Party at the Zoo

By Perry Anderson

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue's Party at the Zoo by Perry Anderson is a fun children's book. The book is about two friends named Mr. Green and Mr. Blue. One day, the two friends decide to have a party at the zoo. News companies came...

Emma's Funny Birds

By Christy Jordan Wrenn and Emma Leigh Ezernack

Emma’s Funny Birds is a very imaginative story of different kinds of birds in Emma’s neighborhood. Not only does author Christy Jordan Wrenn make up new types of birds, she has them dressed differently than other birds. The book provokes wonder: is the crane couple...