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Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 8)
By Carole P. Roman

Fribbet the Frog has a problem. He is not okay and he is scared. In Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story: Volume 8 by Carole P. Roman, Fribbet tells Captain No Beard that monsters, snakes, or loud noises don't scare...

A Visit To Monkey Forest

Butterfly Adventure Volume 1
By Shauna Kelly

What is it like visiting Monkey Forest? Ask Chloe and Shauna as they enjoy an adventure of walking through and interacting with the various types of monkeys in A Visit To Monkey Forest: Butterfly Adventure Volume 1 by Shauna Kelly. Monkey Forest comprises of over...

Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures

By Karen Sills, Kathy Sills

Wiggle Worm must do his homework, but he's panicking. Can he complete the assignment before tomorrow? In Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures by Karen Sills and Kathy Sills, Wiggle Worm’s assignment is to locate six different shapes. This beautifully illustrated children’s book is about persistence, friendship...

Slipper Bakes Cookies

Slipper and Friends Volume 4
By Tess Rixen

Slipper Bakes Cookies by Tess Rixen is the fourth book in the Slipper and Friends series. It’s an adorable story about cats who bake. Slipper is a peppy, fun cat who doesn’t hesitate to explain the important rules of baking: Wash your hands, follow...

Teggie Wants a Hippo for Christmas

By Claudette Melanson

Teggie Wants a Hippo for Christmas by Claudette Melanson is a delightful picture book for young children. It’s a charming story about Teggie the bunny who decides he wants a hippo for “Chrissamas” and does what he can to bring it to his mom’s attention....

Bill and the Little Red Plane

By Jonathan Walker

Bill and the Little Red Plane by Jonathan Walker is an adventurous story that revolves around a little boy named Bill, a magnificent little red plane, and a flock of swifts. Bill was intrigued when he looked up at the sky one day and saw...

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The Adventures of Sheriff Williker

The Case of the Riverdale Lake Monster
By Kim Hansen

Is there really a monster lurking in the waters of Riverdale Lake? Sheriff Williker to the rescue. In The Adventures of Sheriff Williker: The Case of the Riverdale Lake Monster by Kim Hansen, the reason there may not be a Riverdale Fall Festival next year...

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Gregory the Spider

Romping through the Year
By Cynthia Dreeman Meyer

Gregory the Spider: Romping through the Year is a children’s picture book written by Cynthia Dreeman Meyer and illustrated by Marina Saumell. Gregory the Spider doesn’t have a favorite month; he loves them all. In this brightly colored and cheerful book that explores those things...

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Moi, Elle and La Le

Poodle Triplets Go Glam!
By J.R.Poulter

Moi, Elle, and La Le: Poodle Triplets Go Glam by J.R. Poulter is about three little poodles who are pretty, cute, and smart and who can steal anybody’s heart. The three sisters loved the way they dressed with matching bows and collars, and the color...

Wildlife Corridor

By J.R.Poulter

Wildlife Corridor by J.R. Poulter/Tomomi Sarafov is an entertaining story that brings awareness to children about the environment and Australian wildlife. The animals are feeling bad when the trees are chopped down because these trees form a sheltered freeway. These trees are also homes for...