Children - Animals

Hitchin' Post

By Julie Barker

Six B’s Hitchin’ Post, written by Julie Barker and illustrated by Carolyn Altman, tells the story of a jack rabbit aptly named Hitchin Post who loves the Six B’s ranch where he lives. Unfortunately, the ranch suffers a drought which means the cattle have to...

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue

By Rafael Jacimin

Hot Chocolate Underpants to the Rescue is the second children’s book in the Hot Chocolate Underpants series, written by Rafael Jacimin and illustrated by Van der Saim. When Caspian plays Frisbee in the back yard with his grandfather, the Frisbee becomes entangled within the branches...


A story about making your life better, no matter what happens on the way.
By Ingrid Sawubona

Swamped! by Ingrid Sawubona is an exciting picture book about a little animal named Hershel who lives in a swamp. One day, Hershel decides that he doesn't like living in the swamp. He wants to live where there is no moss and no slime. He...

Lucy Finds a Home

Lucy's Tale
By Rolynda Tassan

Lucy and her siblings are looking for a forever home. But curious Lucy the kitten crawls out of the basket to explore the world around her. Soon she is lost. Lucy Finds a Home (Lucy’s Tale) by Rolynda Tassan is a wonderful story of a...

The Moon In Daytime

By Leigh Kamraoui

The Moon in Daytime by Leigh Kamraoui is a cute tale. Alex wonders why the moon is still in the sky in the daytime. He sets out to question some night-time animals as to why. The animals all have different answers, but none of them...

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By Suzanne Gene Courtney

Rainfrog by Suzanne Gene Courtney is a beautiful story about a surprising relationship between a little girl and a small frog in the rainforest. When a young girl accompanies her father into the depths of the Puerto Rican rainforest, she is in for a surprise....

Farkle Shark, You Are Not Stupid

By Rita Emmett

Farkle Shark, You Are Not Stupid by Rita Emmett and Irina Bulgaru is an adorable story which speaks about bullying and feeling stupid. Farkle Shark is hiding from his big sister because she always corrects the goofy sayings he uses. She always criticizes him and...

Snowy Lodin

By Joan Dee Wilson

Snowy Lodin is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Joan Dee Wilson. As the seasons grow colder in the north, the animals migrate south to find shelter and food in abundance. The last animals remaining – the caribou and the snowy owls – soon...

The Dragon Egg That Rolled Away

By Ben L Hughes

The story of The Dragon Egg That Rolled Away by Ben L. Hughes starts one sunny day when one of the eggs - on the hill where it is to hatch - slips from the batch and rolls down the hill. The dragon inside is...

Tabitha Fink

Ninja at Night
By Rick Felty

Tabitha Fink: Ninja at Night by Rick Felty is the story of Tabitha Fink, a cat who has only one eye. She likes to try out things that no other cat does. She is happy to be different and she lives with Bartholomew Blink, who...

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