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The Other Side of Magik

The First Tale of the Mirror Worlds
By Michael Lingaard

The Other Side of Magik: The First Tale of the Mirror Worlds by Michael Lingaard is the story of two parallel worlds whose fate is in the hands of two teenage boys. Danny is from twenty-first century England where his life is so ordinary that...

The Book of Ralph

By Christopher Steinsvold

The Book of Ralph by Christopher Steinsvold opens with the message “Drink Diet Coke” written across the moon by an unknown source. Markus West is hired to investigate the phenomenon, but he has little success, until one day a cylinder appears over the White House...


The Alex Cave Series, book 6
By James M. Corkill

James M. Corkill’s DNA is the sixth book in The Alex Cave Series and it is an interesting treat for sci-fi fans. A ground-breaking scientific discovery, an ancient prophecy about to be fulfilled, and impending doom on earth are a great combination when deftly...

The Selah Branch

A Novel of Time Travel and Race in America
By Ted Neill

In The Selah Branch: A Novel of Time Travel and Race in America by Ted Neill, when Kenia's summer intern plans fall through, she thinks that spending months in Selah Branch, researching poor diets in poor communities, will be a frustrating waste of time. She...


The Alien Genome
By H. S. Rivney

In Paradox: The Alien Genome by H.S. Rivney, a team of scientists is stranded on a far away planet with no escape in sight and no aid coming from Earth. Captain Thomas Jackson has no idea how he can help his crew survive starvation and...

Canopy of Hope

By Wayne Peterson

It was a day that became known as Day Zero, the day everything both started and ended. A solar flare resulted in critical system failures of electronics, satellites, and over 8000 planes plummeted from the sky. As things appear to get back to normal, on...

The Accidental Ambassador

Or Plan B
By DA Barr

The Accidental Ambassador (Or Plan B) by D.A. Barr is a great blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Young Douglas is having an ordinary day at school when a small creature begins to speak to him from a tree. He has just learned that this creature...

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The Autopsy of Planet Earth

By R.J. Eastwood

The Autopsy of Planet Earth by R.J. Eastwood is a spellbinding science fiction novel with a very original concept and great potential for entertainment, a story that raises intriguing questions about mankind’s destiny on the dying planet. The reader meets compelling characters, including an alien,...


By M Black

Machine BC001001F2050A has escaped from ImaTech and is on the run. Other Flexbots hunt her through the forest, including BC001230M2054C, her erstwhile friend. But BC001230M2054C, thirty for short, isn’t himself anymore. All the Flexbots who use Exotiqa are different, changed, their individuality washed away by...

Null and Void

A Royal States Novel
By Susan Copperfield

Null and Void: A Royal States Novel by Susan Copperfield is a fascinating novel that will thrill fans of fantasy and paranormal. In a world ruled by magic, what can someone born without magic do? Mackenzie Little is born without magic, which automatically puts her...