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The Purified

A Montana Wylde Mystery Volume 1
By Melinda Tyler

The scenarios and characters who people The Purified by Melinda Tyler are something that the author knows very well. She has lived much of what she has woven into this rather realistic thriller based on the sex trade. Those unfamiliar with the world of...

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By A.F. Knott

Ramonst by A.F. Knott is a dark southern fiction novel filled with suspense, thrills, and mystery. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy dark Gothic fiction. The year is 1970 and an eleven-year-old...

A Step Beyond

The Horsemen Trilogy
By John Molik

A perfect mix of thriller and suspense, A Step Beyond is a great entry in The Horsemen Trilogy by John Molik. This is a rollicking adventure that involves science and intrigue at their best. Meet Dr. Brigitte Sheen, an up and coming scientist with big...

Lights Out Summer

Coleridge Taylor Mystery 4
By Rich Zahradnik

Lights Out Summer (Coleridge Taylor Mystery 4) by Rich Zahradnik is a thrilling murder mystery novel set in 1970s New York. The Son of Sam killings have New York on edge. Every news reporter is scrambling for their next big break with the serial killer's...

Amethyst of Youth

(Forbidden Conflicts #1)
By Ann M Pratley

Amethyst of Youth by Ann M Pratley combines elements of suspense and romance to create a family story that will entertain readers enormously. Charlotte Stonewarden lost her mom when she was just nine years now. Now she is eighteen and is being introduced to a...

When Fall Fades

By Amy Leigh Simpson

When Fall Fades is a suspense romance novel written by Amy Leigh Simpson. Charlie is the elderly next door neighbor and friend of Sadie Carson. He is a veteran, a conspiracy nut and a sweet old man. When Sadie finds Charlie dead one morning as...

The Sage Wind Blows Cold

Mac Crow Thrillers Book 1
By Clint Hollingsworth

Deep in the forests of Washington state, a blood-thirsty psychopath is on the hunt in The Sage Wind Blows Cold (Mac Crow Thrillers Book 1), a chilling thriller by Clint Hollingsworth. In his youth, Mac Crow went to a wilderness survival school and learned how...

The Trainee Undercover

By Brenda Shaw

The Trainee Undercover by Brenda Shaw is a young adult thriller. Paul Collier is high up in a pharmaceutical company and he knows something that others don’t want to get out. His family is under threat if he says anything so he decides that they...

A Matter of Faith

By Duke Woodrick

A Matter of Faith by Duke Woodrick is a captivating crime novel with well-thought out characters and an intriguing plot, a story that combines elements of different genres into an exquisite read. Ella Mae Martin has just experienced a near death experience. Yes, she’s just...

Endangered Eagle

A Karl von Ernst Mystery
By Richard Carl Roth

Endangered Eagle: A Karl von Ernst Mystery is a compelling work of historical fiction by writer Richard Carl Roth, set during a well-documented period in history. Berlin, 1936. Hitler and the Nazis have already instituted a reign of terror throughout Germany, but with Berlin about...

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