Fiction - Suspense

Frosted with Revenge

By Catherine Bruns

Sally, or Sal as her friends and family call her, just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It’s not that she tries to find trouble wherever she goes; it’s just that trouble always seems to find her. And when that trouble means a threat...

Toxic Tide

Dolphin Shore Shifters book 5
By CJ Matthew

Grus Garret, a Save Blue Waters field ops agent, has one mission on his mind – find the killer who took out another SBW agent and their whistle blower. In Toxic Tide by C.J. Matthew, Grus is taking a few days before a dolphin relocation...

Of Mice Not Men

Book One: Division
By Donald L. Canterbury

Of Mice Not Men, Book One: Division by Donald L. Canterbury is a science fiction story with minor explicit language, violence (not grotesque), and hints of intimacy (nothing explicit). This would appeal most to an audience of young adults and adults who enjoy science fiction...

The Criminalist

A Novel of Forensic Science Suspense
By John Houde

The Criminalist: A Novel of Forensic Science Suspense by John Houde is just the ideal length for a successful thriller, well-crafted, giving the reader so much to satisfy his or her curiosity and to excite his or her interest. This is a thriller that deals...

Sting in the Tail

The Rocket Series, Book One
By Chris Dyer

Sting in the Tail: Book One, The Rocket Series is a novel of suspense written by Chris Dyer. Mike’s future had never seemed so uncertain as that morning. He had always enjoyed a cordial relationship with the feed and grain merchants he had always done...


A Suspense Novel
By Susan P. Baker

Dena Armstrong, an attorney in Galveston, Texas, shares her practice with her cousin, Lucas Barlow. While Lucas tries to control every aspect of the practice, Dena challenges his mandates, such as practicing family law, which is against their original agreement. Dena accepts the case of...

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Guy's Odyssey

By Seth Bleuer

When you have jumps in time and place, and even the protagonist isn't sure where he is and whether he is dreaming or not, only one thing can save the story. That one thing is good writing. Guy’s Odyssey by Seth Bleuer is a very...

The Chinese Proverb

By Tina Clough

Tina Clough writes an unforgettable story in The Chinese Proverb. While taking a break and relaxing at his cabin in the New Zealand bush, Hunter’s peaceful retreat is interrupted by an unbelievable discovery. Enjoying their evening walk, Hunter and his loyal dog, Scruff, find a...

A Rebel Among Us

The Renegades Series book 3
By J.D.R. Hawkins

A Rebel Among Us by J.D.R. Hawkins is a Civil War novel with a powerful setting, great and compelling characters, and a plot that leaves readers no chance to put down the story, even for a moment. After the bloody battle of Gettysburg, the Confederates...

The First Lady's Second Man

By David Bishop

David Bishop has managed to combine two of my favorite elements, politics and puzzles, into one thrilling read! The First Lady’s Second Man is the story of Linda Darby and how she ends up in the middle of a life or death scandal. You see,...