Children - Adventure

The Night I Became A Hero

Story Keeping, Book 1
By A.R. Marshall

The Night I Became a Hero is the first children’s book in the Story Keeping series, written and illustrated by A.R. Marshall. Whilst visiting with his grandfather one summer, Riles and his siblings, Sissie and Finn, are tucked into bed before being read a bedtime...

Minecraft Steve vs. The Burpinator

Stinky Steve: Book Four
By PT Evans

Minecraft Steve vs. The Burpinator is the fourth book in the Stinky Steve series, written by P.T. Evans and illustrated by Jake Tashjian. Fighting crime is all in a day’s work for Steve, who uses his lethal farts as a weapon against the undead, as...

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The Hidden Portal to Wren

Book 2 in The Keys of Being Trilogy
By Nan C. Cataldi

Nan C. Cataldi continues The Keys of Being Trilogy with Book 2, The Hidden Portal To Wren. Glymirra, Keeper of the Balance and Caretaker of all the Living on Gaeya, waits patiently for the return of her two most trusted Fae-rens; Der-rex and Brin-dah. They...

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle

The Red King Trilogy Book 2
By E M McIntyre

The Secret of Berry Brae Circle is Book 2 in The Red King Trilogy by talented writer EM McIntyre. Written for the middle-grade/tween reader, it offers a winning combination of adventure and fantasy. Fourteen-year-old Abby Fletcher has returned home to present day Scotland with Rory,...


A story about making your life better, no matter what happens on the way.
By Ingrid Sawubona

Swamped! by Ingrid Sawubona is an exciting picture book about a little animal named Hershel who lives in a swamp. One day, Hershel decides that he doesn't like living in the swamp. He wants to live where there is no moss and no slime. He...

Lucy Finds a Home

Lucy's Tale
By Rolynda Tassan

Lucy and her siblings are looking for a forever home. But curious Lucy the kitten crawls out of the basket to explore the world around her. Soon she is lost. Lucy Finds a Home (Lucy’s Tale) by Rolynda Tassan is a wonderful story of a...

The Princess and the Rogue

The Tears of Hathor
By Richard J Johnson

The Princess and the Rogue: The Tears of Hathor is an exciting fantasy for preteens by Richard J. Johnson. Princess Li wishes she could find the legendary Tears of Hathor to remove the curse from her father, the Emperor, and their kingdom of China. The...

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure

By Sue Wickstead

Jay-Jay and his Island Adventure is a children’s book written by Sue Wickstead and illustrated by Jon Mitchell. Jay-Jay is a double-decker, Supersonic Playbus, which travels from town to town and is greeted by many excited children, each of whom cannot wait to play with...

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By Carole P. Roman

Rocket-bye by Carole P. Roman is an enjoyable picture book that takes young readers on an exciting journey. It is about two people in outer space. They soar above trees and see cities look small. They see stars make up constellations, and soar past each...

Florence Flies Alone

An Alliterative Airline Adventure
By Suzanne Gene Courtney

What is it like for a nine-year-old girl to fly across the States all by herself for the first time? What kind of adventures can one kid have flying solo? Florence Flies Alone (An Alliterative Airline Adventure) by Suzanne Gene Courtney is a fun children's...