Children - Adventure

Max's Undercover Adventure

Max's Adventures Book 4
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

Max has been snatched from Jemima again! Who is it this time? Why now? Max's Undercover Adventure by Wendy Leighton-Porter is an brilliant children's adventure short story. Max wakes to find himself being thrown into a van with another talking Tonkinese cat, Clio. Max is...

The Shadow of the Tudor Rose

Shadows from the Past Book 9
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

What would you do if your parents were lost in time? Would you risk everything to find them? The Shadow of the Tudor Rose by Wendy Leighton-Porter is a sensational children's historical adventure. Eleven-year-old twins Jemima and Joe Lancelot have come within hours of finding...

Daniel and the Triune Quest

Sons and Daughters Book 2
By Nathan Lumbatis

This is textbook Christian fantasy, combining modern writing with age-old truths in a winning blend. The second book of Nathan Lumbatis’ exciting series, Daniel and the Triune Quest puts a lot of oomph into this popular genre. Still nursing memories of their earlier experiences in...

Tyler the Fish Visits Lorain Lighthouse

By Meaghan Fisher

What a sweet and informative tale! Tyler the Fish Visits the Lorain Lighthouse, written by Meaghan Fisher and illustrated by Tim Rowe, is, as the title suggests, an engaging tale about a young fish on his very first school field trip. (Get it? Fish school!...

The Haunted Funfair

The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2
By Alex Woburn

The Haunted Funfair: The Extraordinary Tales of Melody Magic, Book 2 is an adventure fantasy for preteens and children, grades 4-6, written by Alex Woburn. Melody Magic and her friends were intrigued when the documentary their teacher, Miss Bell, was showing them was interrupted by...

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Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors

Moto Maddie BMX Portal, Book 2
By Kat de Falla

Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors: Moto Maddie BMX Portal, Book 2 is an action and adventure urban fantasy novel for children and preteens written by Kat de Falla and illustrated by Elayne Griffith. Peabody Cleveland O’Neil really wanted to go to his best friend’s house for...

Ninja Seals Book 2

The Metal Menace
By Joe Yang

Ninja Seals, Book 2: The Metal Menace is an action-packed graphic novel for children, written and illustrated by Joe Yang. Alx and his cousin, Scooter, are seals, but they’re not your ordinary kind of seals -- they’re Ninja Seals. They dress up in their ninja...

Sky Blue Dragonfly

By Daralyn Brody

Sky Blue Dragonfly is a children’s tale about bullying, written by Daralyn Brody and illustrated by Samantha Shasenaye Elliot. As a young girl walks home through the park, she delights in the magical sight of the clouds above and their unique shapes, as well as...

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Shimji, the Channel Island Vixen

By Christina Steiner

Shimji, the Channel Island Vixen is an adventurous children’s book written by Christina Steiner. After hearing so many tales of her ancestors, Shimji, a young fox kit, decides to explore the world and see what it has to offer. Knowing that water vessels travel between...

The Crystal Dragon of Nital

The Dragons of Nital, Volume 3
By Vik Walker

The Crystal Dragon of Nital is the third book in The Dragons of Nital series, written by Vik Walker. When Nathan and his magical ‘cat,’ Zaaz, make their way to Gimblet’s Book Store, they are shocked at what they find. With the store completely...