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The Rising Tide

Flurry the Bear, Book 5
By J.S. Skye

Flurry the teddy bear cub had already been through so much, so he couldn't understand why his mom had been so angry when she found him watching a pirate movie. The adventure was PG13, but tame compared to what he had already experienced in the...

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The Fairies of Glendaren Hills

By Susan Cupples-Munger

The Fairies of Glendaren Hills is a fantasy for preteens by Susan Cupples-Munger. No one in the town of Glendaren Hills believes James “Spoon” Wotherspoon when he tells stories about fairies living in the woods. His granddaughters, Allison and Leah, sneak away one night to...

The Land of the Sourpie

Flurry the Bear, Book 2
By J.S. Skye

The Land of the Sourpie is the second book in the charming series about Flurry the bear by J.S. Skye. After reading book 1, I was glad to see book 2 was available for review. After three months with his new family in the...

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Max's Hallowe'en Adventure

Max's Adventures Book 5
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

It is a pleasant afternoon until something upsets Max the talking Tonkinese cat's life again! Max's Hallowe'en Adventure by Wendy Leighton-Porter is a spine-chilling middle grade short story featuring Max, hero of The Shadows From The Past Series. In this fifth installment of Max's spin-off...

The Book of Snow

Flurry the Bear, Book 4
By J.S. Skye

The Book of Snow: Flurry the Bear, Book 4 is an epic fantasy novel for children and preteens written by J.S. Skye. Flurry was back safe and sound at home with his mommy and daddy in Middleasia, but the young teddy bear was tormented by...

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Mc Inty's Goats

A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom
By Caoimhe Lawlor

Mc Inty’s Goats: A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom by Caoimhe Lawlor is the story of a young leprechaun who was a thousand years old and lived inside the hollow in a Great Elm Tree. He had lots of friends in the forest and...

Larger Than Life

By Gregory Hofmann

Magic, or let’s use the classic spelling ‘magick’, is the thing that dreams are made of. And, for a child, everything seems magical, even the night sky. Dreams and wishes make magic come alive, for the vampire child who prefers cranberry juice to the little...

Pharaoh's Arrow

By George Neeb

Pharaoh's Arrow is an historical picture book written and illustrated by George Neeb. Akia and her father moved far from the River Nile after Akia’s mother was eaten by a crocodile. Her father was so wracked by grief that he never wanted to even see...

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The Ninth Birthday Wish

By Bruce E Arrington

The Ninth Birthday Wish is a children’s picture book written by Bruce E Arrington and illustrated by Florence Jayne. Bril and Arisa were twins, but they could hardly be more different than each other if they tried. Bril was a dreamer who liked to read,...

The Gathering

By John W Milor

The Gathering by John W. Milor is a Christian children’s adventure novel. It takes place in the primitive ancient world of Genesis and tells the story of five special chosen animals who are separated from the violent, cruel world of nature around them by a...