Romance - Suspense

Still Waters

What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever
By Ellen K. Bennett

Still Waters: What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever by Ellen K. Bennett is a powerful love story, a sizzling romance that is character-driven and that will keep the reader’s eyes riveted on the pages. “I wish Mark’s friend Greg would stop staring at me....

Amethyst of Youth

(Forbidden Conflicts #1)
By Ann M Pratley

Amethyst of Youth by Ann M Pratley combines elements of suspense and romance to create a family story that will entertain readers enormously. Charlotte Stonewarden lost her mom when she was just nine years now. Now she is eighteen and is being introduced to a...

When Fall Fades

By Amy Leigh Simpson

When Fall Fades is a suspense romance novel written by Amy Leigh Simpson. Charlie is the elderly next door neighbor and friend of Sadie Carson. He is a veteran, a conspiracy nut and a sweet old man. When Sadie finds Charlie dead one morning as...

Smugglers & Scones

Moorehaven Mysteries #1
By Morgan C. Talbot

Smugglers & Scones: Moorehaven Mysteries #1 is a sleuth mystery novel written by Morgan C. Talbot. Pippa Winterbourne had never seriously considered a career as a private investigator, but her occupation as the hostess/proprietor of the Moorehaven Bed & Breakfast certainly would have qualified her...

Stockholm Ransom

By S K Vall

“There’s a term we use in the medical field called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. In simplest terms it’s when hostages express empathy and sympathy towards their captors.” In the heart of this story lies the mystery of passion, raw and carnal. A strange case of kidnapping leaves...

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The Peradon Fantasy Series - Book 1
By Daccari Buchelli

In Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli there’s plenty of action, lots of mythical and magical twists and turns. The setting occurs in Peradon, a once united land of religious faith with four ruling families. Somewhere in the plot a division takes place, creating the Earth Realm,...

Sparks of Love

By Mary L. Ball

Sparks of Love by Mary L. Ball is a romance mystery that entertains the frequently asked question of "why?" Lynette Cunningham has run from the rumors and accusations of the past and made her life away from her hometown of Freedom. When the company...

Pop-Out Girl

By Irene Woodbury

In Pop-Out Girl by Irene Woodbury, an ex-convict returns home to Las Vegas to discover that his girlfriend is with another man. Zane is a possessive and vindictive lover whose jealousy takes control of him. He can’t stand to see Jen in the arms of...

Fate's Roar

Fate Series Book 2
By Jalpa Williby

Fate's Roar by Jalpa Williby is the next novel in the Fate Series and I am irrevocably in love with Williby and her writing style. If you had told me that I would be this immersed in the story of gargoyles, I would have never...

Deceiving Bella

Book Eleven In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series
By Cate Beauman

Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Deceiving Bella: Book Eleven in the Bodyguards of L.A. County Series by author Cate Beauman. This book grabbed me from the very start and kept me reading obsessively all the way through to...