Romance - Suspense

Sparks of Love

By Mary L. Ball

Sparks of Love by Mary L. Ball is a romance mystery that entertains the frequently asked question of "why?" Lynette Cunningham has run from the rumors and accusations of the past and made her life away from her hometown of Freedom. When the company...

Fate's Roar

Fate Series Book 2
By Jalpa Williby

Fate's Roar by Jalpa Williby is the next novel in the Fate Series and I am irrevocably in love with Williby and her writing style. If you had told me that I would be this immersed in the story of gargoyles, I would have never...

Deceiving Bella

Book Eleven In The Bodyguards Of L.A. County Series
By Cate Beauman

Wow! Just, wow! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Deceiving Bella: Book Eleven in the Bodyguards of L.A. County Series by author Cate Beauman. This book grabbed me from the very start and kept me reading obsessively all the way through to...

Discover Love

Saints Protection & Investigations
By Maryann Jordan

Discover Love: Saints Protection & Investigations is a romantic novel of suspense written by Maryann Jordan. Luke Costas loved being part of Jack Bryant's Saints Protection & Investigations Team. Working for the CIA had been a disappointing and stifling experience. His MIT background in...

Coming Home

Baytown Boys Series
By Maryann Jordan

Coming Home by Maryann Jordan is a stunning entry in the Baytown Boys series, a perfect book for fans of romance and suspense. Readers are introduced to compelling characters, military men who come home to their roots, to rediscover the tranquility of their seaside town....

The Shape Of My Soul

ShapeShifter Romance
By Lynette Ferreira

The Shape of My Soul by Lynette Ferreira is a wonderfully sweet paranormal romance that does not allow the paranormal to overshadow the romantic intrigue in any way. Ferreira remembers the number one rule for romance novels, and that is the romance comes first!...

Fire Triangle

By Iyana Jenna

Fire Triangle is a suspenseful romance novella written by Iyana Jenna. During investigations into a spate of arson attacks, and with each adding to an already-high body count, two fire investigators follow leads into the murders, which take them back as far as 20 years....

Seismic Crimes

By Chrys Fey

Beth Kennedy and Donovan Goldwyn have the proof that he did not murder his brother, an Internal Affairs Investigator, but canoeing up to the front steps of the Orlando Police Department and turning themselves in is a strange way to prove it. Seismic Crimes by...

Asylum in Paradise

By K. Carter

Asylum in Paradise by K. Carter is a romantic suspense novel, bringing together a single father and a “mermaid” with a dark secret. J.R. Vitiello and his daughter, Olivia, never expected to find a woman washed up on his private beach. Mia has escaped from...

Eclipse Lake

By Mae Clair

After an absence of 15 years, Dane Carlisle decides it is time to go home and mend fences with his brother, Jonah, in Eclipse Lake by Mae Clair. Jonah had basically raised Dane, who ended up becoming the small Pennsylvania town’s bad boy. Some time...

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