Romance - Suspense

His Desire

HIS Series Book 1
By Sheila Kell

His Desire: HIS Series, Book 1 by Sheila Kell is the story of passion and finding that sweet relief when you can fall in love once more, especially when you have sworn you will not love again. The story follows FBI Special Agent Kate Ross;...

His Return

HIS Series Book 3
By Sheila Kell

His Return by Sheila Kell is the third book in the HIS Series, a steamy romance mixed with suspense and punctuated by nonstop action. Yes, this is a romance with a unique flair and readers will find themselves swinging from one extreme emotion to another....

War Trees

A Novel
By Louise Draper Colln

War Trees: A Novel is a contemporary fiction novel written by Louise Draper Colln. Mason’s death was just too much for McKinsey to accept. Their marriage had been so good for her. The two of them coauthored mystery novels under the name, McKinsey Mason,...

The Friar

By Samantha Cole

The Friar is a romantic suspense novel written by Samantha Cole. Sage Hammond was determined to keep her husband’s family horse ranch a going concern, even though the stillborn birth of a colt the previous season had made keeping up with mortgage payments a challenge....

Dangerous Duplicity

By Sherry Joyce

Evan’s life seemed to be on a great path, but one spur of the moment decision changed everything and led to an entirely new path. Now he finds himself in St. Paul, under the guise of a vacation from art school, but his real path...


Secrets, Lies, and Scandals
By Heather Walsh

Deception by Heather Walsh mixes romance with suspense to introduce readers to a thrilling story that features lies, secrets, and scandals, a story that is every bit as entertaining as it is engaging. The story begins with action and a powerful hook. I enjoyed the...

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Run To You

By Lynne King

Run to You by Lynne King is a breathless thriller that is as absorbing as it is entertaining. Yes, it is the quintessence of a real thriller. Moving to Manhattan from London has seemed the best way for Liz to leave her past behind. Just...

Passion Never Dies

The Complete Reborn Series
By Anna Durand

Passion Never Dies is a collection of the four novellas in Anna Durand’s Reborn series. In Reborn to Die, Dawn wakes up in a tank in a laboratory, with no memory of her life or identity. Jake rescues her and informs her that she’s a...

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Still Waters

What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever
By Ellen K. Bennett

Still Waters: What Lies Beneath will Change You Forever by Ellen K. Bennett is a powerful love story, a sizzling romance that is character-driven and that will keep the reader’s eyes riveted on the pages. “I wish Mark’s friend Greg would stop staring at me....

The Tables Have Turned

Book Two in the "Under Suspicion" series
By Lori Power

The Tables Have Turned is book two in Lori Power’s Under Suspicion series, a story that features fine romance with heart-stopping suspense mixed with a criminal investigation. A dead woman, an undercover police detective, and a woman who could be turned in by the man...