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The Confessions of Socrates

By R. L. Prendergast

The Confessions of Socrates are daily articles written by Socrates while being held in his prison cell, awaiting the day of his execution. This new novel by R.L. Prendergast tells how his family and friends have arranged for him to receive food, along with quill...

The Voice, the Revolution and the Key

The Epic Order of the Seven
By Jenny L. Cote

The Voice, the Revolution and the Key (The Epic Order of the Seven) by Jenny L. Cote is a revolutionary novel, complex in its characters, beautiful in the atmosphere it evokes, and extraordinary in plot. Readers will revisit the 1775 American Revolution and get acquainted...

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A Queen’s Spy

The Fitzwarren Trials
By Samantha Burnell

Jack is the bastard son. Or so he’s been told. But is he? Or is he really the true heir to the Fitzwarren estate? And would it even matter? It’s the early sixteenth century: King Edward VI is on his deathbed; his cousin, Lady Jane...

Fall of Empires

Historical Fiction Book 2
By Simon B. Jones

It is the easiest thing in the world to tell you what an awesome novel Fall of Empires by Simon B. Jones is. That is because I have always loved a good historical novel. I have read a lot of them and this one ranks...

The Angel of Soriano

A Renaissance Romance
By Stella Marie Alden

The Angel of Soriano is a historical romance set in Renaissance Italy, populated by a fascinating cast of characters including the infamous Cesare Borgia, who plays a major part as a villain in the book. Loosely basing the plot on an old story of a...

Under the Approaching Dark

By Anna Belfrage

Under the Approaching Dark by Anna Belfrage is a spellbinding fiction story with powerful historical references, set in the turbulent England of the 1300s. The death of Hugh Despenser and the rise to power of King Edward III could have made Adam de Guirande hopeful...

Long Road Out Of Ur

By Joel Thimell

In Long Road Out of Ur, Joel Thimell introduces us to Abraham, Lot and Sarai before they became the archetypal biblical characters of the Old Testament. This epic tale, told by the elder Lot in flashbacks, begins in the Hursag Mountains of Ur (Samaria) with...

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Partisans and Refugees

Patriots of the American Revolution Series - Book Two
By Geoff Baggett

Wow, wow, wow! That's exactly what I thought when I finished reading the excellent new book by author Geoff Baggett, Partisans and Refugees: Patriots of the American Revolution Series, Volume 2. This book absolutely grabbed me from the very first pages and kept me obsessively...

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Madame Presidentess

By Nicole Evelina

Nearly fifty years before women were granted the right to vote, Victoria Woodhull ran for President of the United States. The ballot in 1872 included the Equal Rights Party; Victoria was the presidential candidate and Frederick Douglass, a former slave, was the vice-presidential candidate. This...

Alexander of the Ashanti

By Ken Frazier

Alexander of the Ashanti is an historical fiction novel written by Ken Frazier. Frazier, a toxicologist and pathologist, has first-hand experience with the Ashanti gained from his months spent in Ashanti villages in Ghana. A momentary lapse of vigilance in a pub had left Alexander...

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