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The Syrian Peddler

By Linda Hanna Lloyd

The Syrian Peddler by Linda Hanna Lloyd is a fictionalised retelling of the author’s forebears as they immigrated and settled in America in the early years of the twentieth century. Like so many Europeans, many people from the Middle East sought a better life at...

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The Walker

The Untold Story Of Black Bart
By Bruce Bradley

In this fascinating narrative account of Black Bart, we travel back in time to the Old West and learn that when Wells Fargo Bank ruins Charles Boles’s successful gold mine operation, he stops mining and starts robbing ... Wells Fargo stage coaches, that is. The...

The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler

Volume I - The Anointed
By A. G. Mogan

The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler by A.G. Mogan is a gripping opening book that explores the psychology of one of the historical personages that have shaped the course of modern history, the man responsible for the death of millions of people, Adolf Hitler. Most...

Hannibal's Niece

A Tale of Love, Murder, and Deceit in Ancient Rome
By Anthony R. Licata

Hannibal's Niece: A Tale of Love, Murder, and Deceit in Ancient Rome by Anthony R. Licata follows one warrior’s quest to avenge the death of his father, but little does he know that this would lead him to find that one thing he never expected...

The Kitchen Mistress

The Letter Series Book 3
By Kathleen Shoop

Oh, what an emotional ride The Kitchen Mistress: The Letter Series Book 3 by Kathleen Shoop has been! Katherine, the protagonist, loves her family more than anything in the world. She wants to help her mother, Jeanie Arthur, in every possible manner. Katherine has a...

A Change in the Wind

Un Cambio En El Viento
By Labriano Anaya

A Change in the Wind by Labriano Anaya is a spellbinding historical novel with a powerful setting, exploring loss, self-exploration, and redemption, a novel that is spiritually rich and very adventurous. Meet Francisco de Anaya Almazan, a man who loses his wife, children, and brother...


By Richard Fleming

Wetzel by Richard Fleming is a complex, yet thrilling historical novel that follows the life of a compelling character that emerged towards the end of the Revolutionary War, a hunter and a fierce fighter, Lewis Wetzel. He played an invaluable role in the war between...

Pleasing Mr Pepys

By Deborah Swift

Pleasing Mr. Pepys by Deborah Swift is a compelling novel featuring a historical personage with powerful political undertones. Inspired by the famous Samuel Pepy’s diary, this novel explores some of the key players in the historical events that took place in Pepys’ time. Deb Willet...

Joan of Arc

The Conspiracy Theory
By Jacques P. Genicot

Told in an inimitable, ebullient voice, Joan of Arc: The Conspiracy Theory by Jacques P. Genicot is a compelling work that explores the events surrounding the rise to fame of a peasant girl and her ultimate end at the stake. It is the 15th century,...


Clans and Castles
By P.M. Terrell

Checkmate: Clans and Castles by P.M. Terrell is a spellbinding novel that captures a historic moment in Irish history in the early 17th century, exploring the adventures of William Neely, who came to Ireland from Scotland in 1608 in the hope of fighting in King...