Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth

Lady Justice and the Cat

By Robert Thornhill

In November 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane and then jumped with the loot of $200,000 he secured in the trade for the safety of the passengers. He was never seen or heard from again. The bills had been marked to facilitate tracing, but they...

Death by Chowdah

The Shipwreck Cafe Mysteries
By Donna Walo Clancy

Death by Chowdah (The Shipwreck Cafe Mysteries) by Donna Walo Clancy is a brilliantly clever sleuth mystery that includes murder, lost treasure, and hauntings. Jay has bought a lighthouse on Cape Cod and intends to turn part of it into a restaurant and bar. After...

Frosted with Revenge

By Catherine Bruns

Sally, or Sal as her friends and family call her, just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It’s not that she tries to find trouble wherever she goes; it’s just that trouble always seems to find her. And when that trouble means a threat...

Inn at Raven's Crest

By Salem Marlowe as written by Gloria Kruszka

Maggie and Lee, two life-long friends, have always dreamed of owning a bed and breakfast. When the opportunity arises, the two jump at the chance to make this dream a reality. They find an old Victorian home that has been vacant for many years and...

The Criminalist

A Novel of Forensic Science Suspense
By John Houde

The Criminalist: A Novel of Forensic Science Suspense by John Houde is just the ideal length for a successful thriller, well-crafted, giving the reader so much to satisfy his or her curiosity and to excite his or her interest. This is a thriller that deals...

Mandarin Yellow

A mystery introducing Socrates Cheng
By Steven M. Roth

This is the first book in a series introducing Socrates Cheng as a detective, although when we first meet him, he’s running his own business selling antique pens and old parchments. Mandarin Yellow (the name of a particularly historic pen) by Steven M Roth is...

Remember Me?

Faukon Abbey Mysteries Book 1
By A.K. Lakelett

The idea of writing a modern book based on the ancient Greek plays with a chorus, and action from two different viewpoints is intriguing and innovative. This is the framework in Remember Me? Faukon Abbey Mysteries Book 1 by A.K. Lakelett. Set in the present...

Shady Place

By David A Byrne

In Shady Place by David A. Byrne, we first meet Jim Phillips, a retired police detective, as he is preparing to leave the Philadelphia home he shared for many years with his now deceased wife; being urged on by his two adult daughters to move...


By Valentine Cardinale

Breakaway is a sleuth mystery written by Valentine Cardinale. Richie Bianchi was gradually getting accustomed to trying life as a layperson. After 11 years in the priesthood, as well as all that time spent in the seminary, being Richie instead of Father Richard was kind...


A Suspense Novel
By Susan P. Baker

Dena Armstrong, an attorney in Galveston, Texas, shares her practice with her cousin, Lucas Barlow. While Lucas tries to control every aspect of the practice, Dena challenges his mandates, such as practicing family law, which is against their original agreement. Dena accepts the case of...

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