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Understanding your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior

Simple Steps and Resources to Guide You Through the Journey
By Angie Rumaldo

Understanding your Child’s and Teen’s Behavior: Simple Steps and Resources To Guide You Through The Journey by Angie Rumaldo is a useful tool for every parent who wants to create and direct the changes they need to make transitions in life. It will guide them...

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How to Survive Elementary School

An Informative Guide Based on Parents' and a 4th Grader's Perspectives.
By Roseanney Liu, Morgan Getting

How To Survive Elementary School by Roseanney Liu and Morgan Getting sheds light on the issues and experiences students face at different grade levels in elementary school. The book speaks about the good, the bad, and the interesting from the points of view of the...


From Nothing to Now
By Brett Ashcroft Harrison

Humans: From Nothing to Now by Brett Ashcroft Harrison is a book that combines knowledge from a variety of disciplines — spirituality, philosophy, history, science, anthropology, and more — to redefine the place that humanity has in the universe. The book explores the conundrum of...

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Optimistic Stories Of Real Hope For Families With Little Children
By Monica Taylor

Playhouse is a cooperative pre-school, but it is so much more. It is a community, a place where parents too can learn. There is so much more to early years education and the effects on the child that a holistic approach is essential. Children can...

Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE!

7 Steps to WordPress Bliss.... (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 1)
By Gundi Gabrielle

So you’ve decided to start your own blog. You want to join in the craze popularity of this informational, conversational World Wide Web means of communicating thoughts and ideas. Why not? You have a great idea for a blog theme: cooking, recipes, book reviews, movie...

Con Artistry

How to Spot and Deal with a Con Artist to Avoid the Different Types of Scams
By Edwin Piers, Instafo

Toward the end of Con Artistry by Edwin Piers, Instafo, the author states: “A con artist is only as great as its victim”. How very true, and one might add that the less informed the victim, the greater the con artist’s chances of success. That’s...

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How To Make A Children's Book For Kindle

A Complete Guide To Formatting Of Children's Books For The Kindle
By Mark Watson

How to Make a Children’s Book for Kindle is not a how to write a children’s book guide. It will not teach you how to write or illustrate a children’s book. Instead, this book focuses on how to take your completed manuscript and illustrations and...

Predictive Analytics

The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die
By Eric Siegel

Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel is a detailed but readable overview of a somewhat complex math-driven prediction technique which uses sophisticated computer programs to analyse and extrapolate information from large amounts of personal data - data which is generally available from internet, social media, and...

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Electric Ancient Egyptians

Manipulating Atomic Structure With Human Electricity (revised 3rd edition)
By James Ernest Brown

What did the early Egyptians know about electricity? Is it possible that they understood the concept of atomic energy? In the thought-provoking book Electric Ancient Egyptians: Manipulating Atomic Structure with Human Electricity by James Ernest Brown, these topics are considered and hypothesized. Using the substantial...

Highly Effective Teaching Strategies

Winning in the Classroom
By Marc Hoberman

Highly Effective Teaching Strategies is a great book for developing course outlines and instruction motives that can be used for years—even if the type of curriculum changes. Author Marc Hoberman provides lots of examples of how he prepares lesson plans, adds questions, and discusses a...