Non-Fiction - Memoir

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe

How I hit the reset button on my life
By Dr. Quinta

From Antarctica to Zimbabwe is a non-fiction travel memoir written by Dr. Quinta. Quinta’s life had followed the professional career track expected by a child of Nigerian educators. She successfully pursued a doctorate in chemical engineering and was offered a career position in the petrochemical...

Confessions of an Accidental Zoo Curator

By Annette Libeskind Berkovits

The early years of Annette Libeskind Berkovits’ life did not feature many encounters with animals and she did not grow up with pets. Although she was fascinated with zoology, living animals were an unknown. It wasn’t until she was hired to work with the educators...

Looking Out From The Inside

United States vs Tressa Brantley
By Tessa Mitchener

Looking Out From The Inside is a memoir that makes readers look into the life of Tressa Mitchener and the wrong choices she made while growing up, and living in a world filled with spiritual darkness. Her challenges and struggles helped her emerge with spiritual...

Always Face the Hounds

The Negotiation for Osama Bin Laden
By Meghan Hansen

On a chance meeting with a senior government official from the Middle East, author Meghan Hansen’s fundamental belief systems were turned upside down in one short week. Always Face the Hounds is Meghan’s story about how she came to realize that the American people have...

Something New Every Day

By Richard C. Smith

Something New Every Day by Richard C. Smith is a non-fiction memoir on the life of a farmer. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience made up of readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy memoirs and learning more...

Beyond Recognition

A True Story of Service, Dedication and Betrayal
By Ron Corbin

Beyond Recognition: A True Story of Service, Dedication and Betrayal by Ron Corbin is a memoir that explores jealousy and betrayal, and one man’s struggle against false accusations and how he overcomes them. Ronald Corbin served as a combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Now, he...


Illustrated Journeys with an Artist
By Pamela Jane Rogers

Greekscapes: Illustrated Journeys With an Artist is a nonfiction travel memoir written by Pamela Jane Rogers. Pamela was always an artist. Her mother enjoyed telling the story about how her infant daughter had created her first work of art drawing with her mother’s lipstick...

Growing Up Panicked

By Joselyn DeLoncker

Growing Up Panicked by Joselyn DeLoncker is a non-fiction memoir mostly written through the journal entries of a young teenager. Growing Up Panicked reminded me of Anne Frank’s diary—while the circumstances are obviously very different in both cases, the idea and the narrative are similar...

Hug Everyone You Know

A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer
By Antoinette Truglio Martin

Hug Everyone You Know: A Year of Community, Courage, and Cancer by Antoinette Truglio Martin is a heartwarming memoir that follows a woman’s struggle to cope with breast cancer. Antoinette Martin had always thought she was a healthy and strong woman until the day she...

Mostly Momentous Minutes, Mawkish Memories, and Myopic Musings Beyond

Stories Of Life From The Moose State And Beyond
By Marc E. Zimmerman

Mostly Momentous Minutes, Mawkish Memories, and Myopic Musings Beyond: Stories Of Life From The Moose State And Beyond is a nonfiction collection of humorous memoirs written by Marc E. Zimmerman. Zimmerman grew up in the small coastal town of Bath, Maine. His early stories recount...