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Christian - Biblical Counseling

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life
The name Joyce Meyer’s is well known. Have you ever wondered how she manages to accomplish so much? She’s an author, speaker, wife, and mother and yet has time for bible study. MS Meyer’s graciously shares her secrets for time management with readers. Her suggestions are...

52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives
What Wives Can Do to Build a Stronger Marriage
Author Jay Payleitner in his book, 52 Things Husbands Need from Their Wives gives examples of how to build a strong and faithful marriage. While this book is directed toward wives, I was encouraged to know that Mr. Payleitner has also written a book for...

52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands
What Husbands Can Do to Build a Stronger Marriage
This is a small book (only 170 pages) with snippets of the things a husband needs to do or not to do in order to give his wife what she needs in their marriage. Topics range from kissing to leadership and from being a dad...

A Beautiful Kind of Broken
A Beautiful Kind of Broken is a good addition to the plethora of books on spiritual guidance. Author Luke Holter really covers how to forgive others in a way that is easy to understand and apply. He writes quite candidly about religions that point fingers...

Award Winner

After the Affair
Emotional Healing God's Way
Author Arnita L. Fields gives a very insightful and inspirational view in her book After the Affair, Emotional Healing God's Way. Author Fields helps guide the reader along various stages one might find themselves dealing with including one's Heart, Spirit, Mind and Body. While some...

Anger Management
The Lord's Way
"Anger Management" is Mark Hour's personal account of his struggle to deal with past hurts and manage his own anger. It has come out as a book to help and encourage others to manage their anger in healthy ways to avoid the consequences that Mark...

Award Winner

Beware the Winds Of Doctrine
Beware The Winds Of Doctrine by Henry Miranda is a small book that packs a big punch. Doctrine is the study of the Word of God. This book explains that it's not IF we believe, it's WHAT we believe. As a Christian we should study...

Biblical Answers for Struggling Marriages
31 Lessons for Marriage at an Impasse
Author Tim Cole's book entitled Biblical Answers for Struggling Marriages: 31 Studies for Marriage at an Impasse is a very well-written and helpful book. Tim gives readers many detailed examples as well as helpful insights to not only allow them to see they aren't the...

Christians with Pervasive Issues
. "Christians With Pervasive Issues" by Annie Brown is a very small book of 54 pages. Pervasive actually means “existing in or spreading through every part of something”. As Christians we also have these issues that prevail through us. It’s what we do with these...

Clear Winter Nights
A Journey into Truth, Doubt, and What Comes After
Clear Winter Nights gets right to the heart of many people's Christian experience. Chris has been pushed to a crisis point. He is about to make a decision about God in a time of desperation, right after being cruelly hurt by a person who was...

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