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You Can Be a Top Performer

9 Simple Ways to Advance Your Career
By Iris Yu

I grew up thinking that there was no worker on earth who worked as hard as the American worker. I thought that for a very long time until I finally realized that there are great workers and terrible workers in every country. America doesn't have...

My Cape Is at the Cleaners

Choosing Happy over Perfect
By Wendy Elover

Wendy Elover’s My Cape Is at the Cleaners: Choosing Happy over Perfect is one woman’s perspective on the having-it-all-trying-to-be-perfect-superwoman lifestyle. Women especially seem to fall into the trap of wanting to be everything to everyone and yet along the way they lose themselves and their...

Loving Ordinary Life

The Self-Help Book for People Who Are Tired of Self-Help Books
By Gregory V. Diehl

Loving Ordinary Life by Anastasia Petrenko is a sweet little book whose cover instantly catches your eye and interest. While the sub-title states this is a “self-help” book, it might be more accurate to describe it as a “feel-good” book because it’s as pleasing to...

Reflections of Sandra

An Inspirational Story of How A Mother's Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life
By Michelle Heynen

Reflections of Sandra: The Inspirational Story of How a Mother’s Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life by Michelle Heynen is a poignant account of a daughter who speaks about her mother’s passing and how she realized the importance of appreciating the people who are in...

Make Life Your Business

By James Peterson

Make Life Your Business by James Peterson introduces a very new concept in the area of personal development, self-care, and business — the idea that we can actually develop a business attitude towards life. But how is that? How can we make life our business?...

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Just Another Girl's Story

A Memoir On Finding Redemption
By Laura Eckert

Just Another Girl's Story: A Memoir On Finding Redemption by Laura Eckert is a heartbreaking, revealing memoir that explores one woman’s inner wounds and her struggle against depression, taking the reader along on a difficult journey to inner freedom and redemption. Laura Eckert was a...

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Compose Your Soul

How to Turn Your Daily Chaos Into Calm Control
By Angela M Nuttle

Compose Your Soul: How to Turn Your Daily Chaos into Calm Control by Angela Nuttle is an uplifting and insightful read about composing one's soul, which requires deep reflection, brutal honesty, and the willingness to accept that we have unique DNA. It works differently for...

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The will to live . . . the courage to love
By Jody Sims

Sanctuary is a motivational, nonfiction picture book by Jody Sims. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer, and then her spouse suffering from a traumatic brain injury, the two made the decision to move to Tennessee. Feeling out of place and sad, Jody fell into a...

Realizing River City

By Melissa Grunow

Realizing River City by Melissa Grunow is a gripping memoir that will rattle the emotions of readers, having them navigate the gray zones of loss, the power of compassion, and the excitement of hope. A story that answers the not-so-often asked questions of womanhood. The...

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LOVE The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On
By Lynda Filler

LOVE: The Beat Goes On is a non-fiction memoir/motivational book written Lynda Filler. Filler was living the good life, albeit it wasn’t a life immune from the stresses and strains of modern times. She was a motivated and successful businesswoman, and while her marriage had...