Young Adult - Social Issues

We Were Ghosts

The Secret Life of a Survivor
By Tabitha Barret

Some stories should never be uttered. Some are the most important words ever to be penned. The pain in We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor by Tabitha Barret is the most important story I have read in long, long time. As Alicia...

An Unexpected Role

By Leslea Wahl

An Unexpected Role is a YA story by Leslea Wahl about a sixteen-year-old named Josie. After her mother’s book comes out, Josie is teased incessantly by the entire high school about the antics in the book because they believe the stories are about her. Who...

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The Perfect Blindside

By Leslea Wahl

Coming-of-age, inspirational, and Christian romance are genres blended perfectly in a tale of mystery in Leslea Wahl’s debut novel, The Perfect Blindside. The reader is introduced to two gifted teenagers, Jake and Sophie. Jake is a snowboarder with an Olympic Silver Medal, proud and adored...

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Dead Scared

The Mortsafeman Trilogy Book One
By Ivan Blake

Dead Scared: The Mortsafeman Trilogy, Book One is a horror novel for young adults written by Ivan Blake. Being the new kid in school is problematic at best, especially when it’s high school, and the town is a small and insular mill town in Maine....

A King is Coming

By Paul Wilbur, Patrick McGuffin

A King is Coming opens with the question: Why should political correctness undermine our attitudes to family, gender, marriage and protection for the unborn? Paul Wilbur and Patrick McGuffin go on to tackle the wider political issues of terrorism. The tragedy of 9/11 was motivated...

Heir of Zion

By Brittany Nicole Lewis

In Heir of Zion, Michael has been left behind in Zion by his family. Although he has the help and support of David’s parents, Michael feels lost and alone. He struggles with missing his family and not understanding why they left in the first place....

The Ugly Girl Party

By Ann Herrick

On her first day at Delwick High, sophomore Faith Ticknor is experiencing a mixture of anticipation, fear, and excitement. Being the “new girl” is not fun, but at least she could hope for the best. She had friends in Brownsville and was confident she would...

Always Here

By S.L. Mauldin

Always Here is a young adult/new adult coming of age novel written by S.L. Mauldin. They were best friends, and always had been, ever since Miranda and Christian first met in grade school. The two had always sworn that they’d eternally be together and that...


By Corey Campbell

Jetsam by Corey Mattingly is a realistic novel about the lives of today’s teenagers in the developed world. Jetsam is a simple story, but it tells some hard-hitting truths. Jetsam starts off as the musings and thoughts of a fairly typical middle-class young white American...

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Mitsy's Life

Tender Tales of Friendship, Loneliness, Loss, and Love
By Marti Eicholz

Mitsy's Life: Tender Tales of Friendship, Loneliness, Loss, and Love by Marti Eicholz introduces us to Mitsy, whose first memories are of looking down into a courtyard from a window above a humble store front church. From the time she could walk, Mitsy had known...