Young Adult - Social Issues

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

By Johan Twiss

In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss, Aaron Greenburg’s life is completely dismantled on the day he is diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis. He becomes a teenager trapped inside a lifeless body. He is unable to move, and...

My Lonely Room

By John A Vikara

My Lonely Room by John A Vikara was really an unexpected treat. When I read it had to do with gangs, I was prepared to not care for it. The first thing I think of is violence and death. It turned out to be a...

Dawn's Acapella

The Lost Girl's Song Book 1
By Libby Robare

Dawn is a very enthusiastic freshman. She is also a very talented singer. So when she attaches herself to second year Rose, a songwriter in secret, she opens up a part of Rose’s talent that even she didn’t know existed. And, with Rose’s friends, they...


By MJ Meads

I had mixed feelings about Milk by MJ Meads. The story is about a young teenage girl named Becky. Becky’s mom passes away and she feels ignored by her father. She turns to her mother’s best friend, Mike, for comfort. Mike also happens to be...

Growing Up Poor In A Frank Lloyd Wright Home

By Stanley G Buford

Growing Up Poor In A Frank Lloyd Wright Home by Stanley G. Buford is a young adult book that follows a family of five (four children and their mom). One day, one of the children gets hit by a car, and the mother is worried...

Who Wants to be a Songwriter Anyway?

Getting our Lives Back!
By Stanley G Buford

Who Wants to be a Songwriter Anyway? by Stanley G. Buford is an inspiring young adult book about two young sisters named Lou and Tiaara. The two girls and their family had been on a plane when it was hijacked five years ago. The girls...

When Ash Rains Down

Kingdom Come Volume 1
By Cecelia Earl

When Ash Rains Down by Cecelia Earl is the story of hardship and hope. Teenager Julia has a routine: work, study, school. She doesn't have time for friends, and certainly doesn't have time for fun. When her father left them, he took away her faith...

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There Was a Struggle for the Gun!

Let My People Go!
By Stanley G. Buford

There Was a Struggle for the Gun: Let My People Go! is a crime-drama novella, written by Stanley G Buford. After warning his 18-year-old son, Ivan, to be careful while out with his girlfriend, Cierra, at night, Sergeant Irving Potts and his wife, Nora, are...

Fire Triangle

By Iyana Jenna

Fire Triangle is a suspenseful romance novella written by Iyana Jenna. During investigations into a spate of arson attacks, and with each adding to an already-high body count, two fire investigators follow leads into the murders, which take them back as far as 20 years....

Fifteen Seconds of Normal

By Alex Marestaing

Kaeya moved to a new school with the hopes of being treated like a “normal” teenager by her peers. It’s hard to hide her Tourette’s, but she manages and even draws the attention of the boy she’s crushing on. Unfortunately, that boy’s not Thatcher, who...