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Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse

An Animal Lover's Guide To A Healthy, Happy and Extraordinary Life
By Carlyn Montes De Oca

Did you know that your pet has the potential to help you heal? Do you suffer from hypertension? Try the soothing purr therapy of a cat. Have a social anxiety disorder? A dog companion may help you stay calm and in control when in public....

23 Minutes in Hell

One Man's Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in That Place of Torment
By Bill Wiese

Author Bill Wiese, in his book 23 Minutes in Hell: One Man's Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in That Place of Torment, certainly gives the reader much to think about and consider in his personal experience that occurred early one morning. While...

Entitled to Slavery

A Blueprint for Breaking the Chains That Threaten American Exceptionalism
By Michael Abbott Jr

This country was founded on Christian principles and, while these beliefs were not perfect, they did provide an outline by which to guide the world and our lives. Entitled to Slavery: A Blueprint for Breaking the Chains That Threaten American Exceptionalism by Michael Abbott Jr...


Finding Our Way Home
By Paul Dunion EdD

I remember the day I first realized that there is a word for people like me who seem to always be looking for something, but have no idea exactly what it is. I was in the offices of a Catholic priest in a mid-sized town...

Your Key to the Akashic Records

Access Your Personal Spiritual Advisor 24/7 to Fulfill Your Soul’s Highest Potential
By Jiayuh Chyan

For those seeking greater understanding of their lives from a spiritual perspective, this book is invaluable. Born and raised in Taiwan, Jiayuh Chyan came to the US in 1988 for graduate school. After a marriage of 17 years, and a divorce, the author embarked on...

Mediocrity in America

A Point of View
By Andrew Rodriguez

Mediocrity in America: A Point of View by Andrew Rodriguez is a slim but powerful book that explores one of the tragic realities that is killing the life of the American people, a trend called mediocrity. The moment I read this title, I thought I...

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology

A Spiritual Workbook
By Emily Klintworth

Claiming Your Power Through Astrology: A Spiritual Workbook is a nonfiction New Age religion and spirituality book written by Emily Klintworth. The author is a professional astrologer whose initial interest in the field was sparked by an old volume she found in the 1920s bungalow...

A Crisis of Faith

The battle of beliefs between the Christian Church and Gnosticism
By Tony Sunderland

A Crisis of Faith by Tony Sunderland is a self-described study about the battle of beliefs between the Christian Church and Gnosticism. While technically accurate, such a tidy description creates a minor disservice to the highly comprehensive yet focused view taken by the author in...

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Ask God

My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours
By Kyle L.B. Morey

Ask God by Kyle L.B. Morey includes a writing per day over a 30-day period that this reader found to be enlightening and most helpful on how to grow in devotion to our Creator and make the most of life “while we are here visiting...

He Will Never Forsake You

Deut. 31
By Mark Johns

He Will Never Forsake You: Deut. 31 by Mark Johns is a spiritual autobiography that powerfully demonstrates the spiritual battle between the forces of Good and Evil in the life of one man. It reads, somehow, like the confessions of St. Augustine of Hippo, covering...