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Non-Fiction - Music/Entertainment

100+ Years of Movies
Musings of a Flixster Super Reviewer
What a terrific go-to guide for recent and past movies! Byron Brubaker’s 100+ Years of Movies is packed with summaries of movies you have seen and some you may want to see. Included in the book is an introduction which explains author Byron Brubaker’s background...

A Nashville Woman
And Other Sorrows
A Nashville Woman and Other Sorrows: Music City Poems contains a set list of poems that at first are about a woman, but end up being about Nashville itself -- not the glitzy Hollywood version, but the real, soul-crushing toil of the Music City. Not...

Award Winner

Get It, Keep It
Due to the media overload that we experience on a daily basis, getting and holding someone’s attention to a product or service has become increasingly difficult as well. Attention!: Get It, Keep It shows how our subconscious mind draws us toward something and then how...

Basic Music Theory
Basic Music Theory by Joe Procopio introduces readers to the concepts of music theory and music structure, starting with the very basics. This simple, but exceptionally easy to understand guide assists interested readers in learning the contents within keys, scales, intervals, chords, and chord extensions....

Award Winner

Beethoven and Me
A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music
There is a grave misconception that classical music is defined by Beethoven, Mozart and even Bach (although arguably Bach predated the true classical era). This confusion between the time period known as the classical era and the all-encompassing use of 'classical' to define music through...

Chaos In Boxes
Twisted Adventures in Music Theory
Has Sean Alexander Luciw written a confounding mish-mash of gibberish or has he shared some of the most amazing and profound mathematical secrets in the universe within the pages of his book, Chaos in Boxes: Twisted Adventures in Music Theory? This well written and exceptionally...

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
Chelsea Handler seemingly has no boundaries whatsoever. This actually turns out to be a good thing; when she turns her impishly irreverent, staccato wit loose on the myriad absurdities inherent in a life spent in the public eye, a particularly unsettling brand of hilarity ensues...

Creative Writing Career 2
Additional Interviews with Screenwriters, Authors, and Video Game Writers
Justin Sloan’s Creative Writing Career 2 is an inspirational, knowledgeable book of advice. Take this handy guide with you as you journey toward a career in writing. To become a professional writer, you need to combine discipline and passion. He offers practical advice on jump...

The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello
Elliptical: The Music of Meshell Ndegeocello is a book of musical commentary by Andre Akinyele and Jon O'Bergh. The authors take their readers on a journey through the complete works of contemporary artist Meshell Ndegeocello, album by album, offering various insights from technical, personal and...

Eyes Wide Open 2014
The Year's 25 Greatest Movies (and the 5 Worst)
Book and film critic, Chris Barsanti measures up the best and worst films of 2014 in Eyes Wide Shut: The Year’s 25 Greatest Movies (and the 5 worst). If you are looking for a quick synopsis of films to see or avoid, this easy to...

Fade to Black
Graveside Memories of Hollywood Greats, 1927-1950
Jimmy Stewart, Janet Gaynor, Mary Pickford were all stars of the Golden Years. Michael Thomas Barry transports readers back to 1927 - 1950 where he introduces readers to the Hollywood Greats. I must admit that I was not familiar with some of the actors. It...

Award Winner

Film History
U.V. Gural’s non-fiction book, Film History, is written with film lovers and film students in mind. The 200-page book is composed of a number of chapters that discuss the beginning of film, its evolution and the development of various film disciplines until the present state...

Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History
Starring Great Character Actors of Hollywood's Golden Age
In "Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History", Manny Pacheco presents portraits of character actors who were important yet not widely known in the history of cinema in the United States. He ties the works of these actors with events in American and world history, often remarking on...

Fretboard Positions Diagram
A Guitar Fretboard Unscrambler
Fretboard Positions Diagram: A Guitar Fretboard Unscrambler by Marc Scheffel is a book for guitarists who will find this useful in figuring out how to play the Major and Minor scales, to build chords, and to make and identify the Intervals using a single diagram....

Hands With a Heart
The Personal Biography of Actress ZaSu Pitts
What began as a mere article of a couple of pages for a magazine turned into a 523 page book, "Hands With A Heart: The personal Biography of Actress ZaSu Pitts" by Gayle D. Haffner. Many sources contributed to this endeavor. In 1917 ZaSu Pitts...

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