Fiction - Mystery - Murder

The Fish Tank

And Other Short Stories
By Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

An unexpected treasure handed over from an ex-spouse via the divorce lawyer; a classic mother-son bonding experience on a roller coaster ride; tragic tales of survival of ordinary Cuban citizens in the 1960s; a paranormal happening in the Museum of the Weird, the Sad, and...

The Purified

A Montana Wylde Mystery Volume 1
By Melinda Tyler

The scenarios and characters who people The Purified by Melinda Tyler are something that the author knows very well. She has lived much of what she has woven into this rather realistic thriller based on the sex trade. Those unfamiliar with the world of...

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As Told By Us

By Gabriella Meghan

Featuring mystery and murder, As Told By Us by Gabriella Meghan is a captivating story that explores the life of Layla Crimson, a young woman exploring her sexuality and indulging without bounds in lesbian relationships. Layla’s four years in high school haven’t been the best...

A Cunning Heist

Sloane Harper Book 2
By Astrid Arditi

A Cunning Heist (Sloane Harper Book 2) by Astrid Arditi is an engaging and fast-paced sleuth mystery novel with an awkward, but tenacious heroine. Sloane Harper may be clumsy, but she is not a wilting lily. With an ex-husband who left her for a classy,...


Jill Andersen Series Book 1
By J.D. Cunegan

Bounty by JD Cunegan is Book 1 in the Jill Anderson Series. Jill Anderson is a bright detective, one of Baltimore’s best, but she has a secret, one she doesn’t want anyone to know about. The body of Dr. Trent is found in the Chesapeake...

When Fall Fades

By Amy Leigh Simpson

When Fall Fades is a suspense romance novel written by Amy Leigh Simpson. Charlie is the elderly next door neighbor and friend of Sadie Carson. He is a veteran, a conspiracy nut and a sweet old man. When Sadie finds Charlie dead one morning as...

A Matter of Faith

By Duke Woodrick

A Matter of Faith by Duke Woodrick is a captivating crime novel with well-thought out characters and an intriguing plot, a story that combines elements of different genres into an exquisite read. Ella Mae Martin has just experienced a near death experience. Yes, she’s just...

Fatal DNA

By Jose Miguel Vasquez

Fatal DNA by Jose Miguel Vasquez is a mystery, thriller, and suspense novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy fast paced murder mysteries and thrillers. An alarm signal at the house of publicist Corina Salgado...

The Last Train

By Michael Pronko

Michael Pronko, a highly-accomplished author already, offers up a truly stellar performance in this debut mystery-series novel, The Last Train. Set in modern day Tokyo, a literary hologram for the enticingly complex and still largely inaccessible – to foreigners – Japan, about which Pronko is...

Only in Key West

The Nick and Norm Gay Detective Series
By Kenneth D. Michaels

Only in Key West: The Nick and Norm Gay Detective Series, Volume 2 is a murder mystery novel written by Kenneth D. Michaels. Chicago Police Detective Nick Scott and his partner, Norm Malone, were quite happy with the one-week all-expenses-paid vacation the City was providing...