Fiction - Mystery - Murder

Skeleton Trail

By Kasey Riley

The discovery of a mummified body that had remained hidden for many decades in the hollow of an uprooted tree opens up an old murder mystery dating back to the nineteen thirties, unleashing a deadly and determined killer in the enjoyable mystery novel, Skeleton Trail...

Return to Porter's Hollow

By Yvonne Schuchart

A woman visiting her North Carolina family is brushed off by the small town's law enforcement when she claims to witness a beast, fitting the description of a local urban legend, mauling her father and brother in the spine-chilling supernatural novel, Return to Porter's Hollow...

Gene Madness

By Linda Guyan

Gene Madness by Linda Guyan is a murder mystery. Meet Tessa North. She’s a serial killer, her entire life built on lies and on secrets. Someone is watching her though, someone knows exactly what she is. Everything changes when she receives a strange package with...

The Identity Thief

A Hollis Morgan Mystery
By R. Franklin James

The Identity Thief: A Hollis Morgan Mystery is a sleuth mystery novel written by R. Franklin James. While this is not the first book in this series, the author provides enough background information for it to be read as a standalone novel. Hollis’s supervising partner,...

River Bones

Sara Mason Mysteries Book One
By Mary Deal

River Bones, Book One in the Sara Mason Mysteries by Mary Deal is an enthralling tale that will have the reader on the edge of their seat. Sara returned to her hometown after many years of not wanting to face a tragedy that took away...

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Unshielded Past

By Patti Morelli

Unshielded Past by Patti Morelli is a sequel to Shielded Past, a story that features interesting elements of mystery and thriller, strong and rock-solid characters, and endearing pathos that rubs off powerfully on the reader. The story revolves around a cast of characters, each burdened...

Sanctuary of Lies

By Chad Bishop

Chad Bishop’s Sanctuary of Lies is a thriller with a mesmerizing plot and characters that readers will stick with. It starts with the auction of a particularly dangerous device, and with a crime. But what caught my attention, the hook, was the first line in...

Movie Scripts and Madness

By Melissa Baldwin

In Melissa Baldwin's Movie Scripts and Madness, her protagonist, Kendall Whitaker, takes a position as the Marketing Director's assistant at Blossom Studios to get her foot in the door. An aspiring actress, she believes she will get an opportunity to audition for a part in...

Trouble in Bay Town

A Sonny Knight Adventure
By Alan Blank

An unpaid piano player and the kidnapping of four women are key factors in the unearthing of a criminal element infiltrating a peaceful community in the suspenseful sleuth mystery, Trouble in Bay Town (A Sonny Knight Adventure) by Alan Blank. Sonny Knight is a private...

Going Home

By Sharon Marchisello

Michelle DePalma meant for her trip to Two Wells, Texas, to be a quick check-in on her mother. That changed when she walked in on the dead body of a caregiver, and her mother standing in a puddle of blood, completely unaware that something bad...