Fiction - Cultural

Mock My Words

By Chandra Shekhar

Chandra Shekhar’s first novel, Mock My Words, follows the life of David Tan, a critically acclaimed novelist with an odd speech impediment and a failing marriage. Although David writes beautifully, he struggles to speak coherent English. His wife, Laura, a dynamic and sometimes stern woman...

Songs of Insurrection

The Dragon Scale Lute
By JC Kang

Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang is Book One of The Dragon Songs Saga from the Legends of Tivara series. This book was previously published with a different cover under the title The Dragon Scale Lute, Book One of the Daughter of the Dragon Throne...

The Kurdish Bike

A Novel
By Alesa Lightbourne

Books having to do with the Middle East always interest me, and especially those set in Iraq. This is a region that the author says is “older than the flood.” It is a land that has been ruled at one time or another by the...

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Listening for Drums

By Robin Strachan

Listening for Drums is a contemporary fiction novel written by Robin Strachan. Dr. Carrie Nelson was getting ready to leave the Blackfeet Reservation in Northwest Montana once again. This was not the first time she would leave after completing her week as a volunteer with...


A Brooklyn Tale
By John E. DeJesus

Taco: A Brooklyn Tale is a young adult coming of age novel written by John E. DeJesus. Taco and his family moved to Brooklyn, New York, just before he began first grade. His real name was Juan Ortega, but Percy, a class clown, promptly named...

Whistlin' Stardust

By Sara McFerrin

Whistlin’ Stardust has no murder, no suspense, no twists and turns, no adventure, no sex and no excitement. What it does have is history, heart, soul, God and memories of days gone by. I was immediately drawn into the Daniels family - Glover, his wife,...

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Betrayal of Faith

By Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Faith by Mark M Bello tells the story of a family ripped apart after widowed Jennifer Tracey persuades her two sons, Kenny and Jake, to go on a church camping weekend led by the newly arrived Father Gerry. On both those nights...

Mandarin Yellow

A mystery introducing Socrates Cheng
By Steven M. Roth

This is the first book in a series introducing Socrates Cheng as a detective, although when we first meet him, he’s running his own business selling antique pens and old parchments. Mandarin Yellow (the name of a particularly historic pen) by Steven M Roth is...

Where We Belong

Time Between
By Lori W. Duncan

Where We Belong: Time Between is written by Lori W. Duncan. When Addyson Caldwell lands a job as a tour guide, she is delighted. In addition to her being pleased at successfully landing a summer job, she will also be away from home for the...

Paradox Forged in Blood

By Mary Frances Fisher

Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher is based around the time of World War ll. It gives the reader a look into how different cultures were treated during that time. It is mainly the story of an Irish girl and her being witness...