Young Adult - Adventure


The Heretic
By M. L. Stainer

Joachim: The Heretic is the sequel to Joachim's Magic by M.L. Stainer and illustrated by James  Melvin. Reis Courtney is the young apprentice to Joachim Gans, a Jewish metallurgist. Back in London after the failed copper expedition, and becoming more settled after the adventures in the...


The Wanderland Chronicles
By J.M. Sullivan

Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is a dark take on the Lewis Carroll classic. Follow Alice Carroll as she leaves the safety of the Sector to find a cure for the (un)deadly Momerath Virus to save her sister, who has begun to show signs of infection....

Legacy of Dragonwand

Book 1 Legacy of Dragonwand Trilogy
By Daniel Peyton

Daniel Peyton’s Legacy Of Dragonwand is an epic fantasy following the quest of a young wizard to save his land. Markus sets off from home, looking for a wizard to recommend him for school. Instead, an ancient wizard sends him on a quest to find...

Rise of the Aranthians

Osric's Wand, Books 1-3
By Jack D. Albrecht Jr, Ashley Delay

Rise of the Aranthians features the first three books in the Osric's Wand series by Jack D. Albrecht Jr and Ashley Delay, a fantasy series that will take readers to strange lands filled with magic and extraordinary characters. The Wand-Maker’s Debate features Osric and his...

DarkSkull Hall

The Mage Chronicles Book 1
By Lisa Cassidy

Lady Alyx Egalion enjoys life as the daughter one of the leading nobles of Rionn and best friend of Prince Cayr. At sixteen years of age, Alyx thinks she is about to become betrothed to Cayr, but life has different plans for her in DarkSkull...

The Origins of Benjamin Hackett

By Gerald M. O'Connor

“'You’re adopted,' she said, quick as you like, and slapped her hands over her mouth. The words had barely reached my ears when everything went north of normal. Mam erupted into a shaking mess of tears. Dad recoiled with a feverish look to him; his...

The Maker's Desk

By ET Tripolitis

The Maker's Desk (Edelweiss) by ET Tripolitis is a thrilling fantasy novel that follows a young girl named Joey. One day, Joey buys a music box in a yard sale as a birthday present for her mother. When her mother opens the drawers of the...

Issaura's Claws

The Incarn Saga Volume 1
By Katharine E Wibell

Issaura's Claws by Katharine E Wibell is an impressive fiction work that focuses on breaking the stereotype of women as a weak gender. Lluava is a headstrong seventeen-year-old girl. She is not a human, though. She is a theriomorph -- a special race that...

The Ivory Needle

By Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller’s The Ivory Needle is an allegorical tale for the young and the old. “Africa is a spiritual place, a profound and magical place.” Chessie’s parents’ divorce had rocked everyone’s world. Mom was not herself, sadness filled the household. When Gram’s invitation to visit...

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Coding Peter

Many Worlds, One Life Book 2
By Olga Werby

Coding Peter by Olga Werby is the exciting sequel to Suddenly, Paris in the Many Worlds, One Life series. While you do not necessarily need to read volume 1 to understand the sequel, I would highly recommend it as the series takes you on a...

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