Fiction - Military

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream

A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles
By Joanne Patterson

Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream: A Look Behind the Scenes at the United States Silver Eagles is a romance novel written by Joanne Patterson. Becky and her friend, Emily, had been enjoying the sun, sand and surf of a Miami beach when they realized they...

Absolute Vengeance

The Alex Shepherd Story
By C.W. Lemoine

What happens when an ordinary, small-town cop witnesses his beloved wife and daughter ruthlessly murdered, along with a school bus full of little kids? In C.W. Lemoine’s Absolute Vengeance, it sends Swat Team Leader Alex Shepherd on a mission of 'Absolute Vengeance' to Iraq and...

Silent Heroes

A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience
By Rick Greenberg

Silent Heroes: A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience by Rick Greenberg is historical fiction that will transport readers to the Vietnam era, allowing them to have a clear peek into the realities of war, a story with realistic and compelling characters. What does it feel...

That Deadly Space

A Civil War Novel
By Gerald Gillis

That Deadly Space: A Civil War Novel by Gerald Gillis is a novel with a powerful historical setting, a Civil War novel with characters that are solid and wonderfully developed. Conor Rafferty joins the Confederate army as an Infantry Officer, even though his Irish father...

Elemental Affinity

With survival come challenges (The Cortii series Book 3)
By J C Steel

Cortiora Khyria Ilan, leader of the Wildcat Cortia of mercenaries, is sent to learn more about a medieval planet the Federated Planets Alliance wants to bring under its control in Elemental Affinity: With Survival Come Challenges by J.C. Steel. While rebellious Ilan is dealing with...

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High Alert

The Project Book 14
By Alex Lukeman

I spent eight years in the military. I was Army Infantry, but a smart infantry soldier can be used anywhere in the army system, so I had a lot of interesting jobs. I worked a lot with the special forces. These guys are different. They...

Fighting Shadows

Survival has its costs (The Cortii series Book 2)
By J C Steel

Fighting Shadows: Survival Has its Costs is the second book in the Cortii series by JC Steel, an absorbing sci-fi read that will enthrall fans of the genre. The scientific elements of the story come out clearly from the very first line when the “mellifluous...

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The After War

Part I, To Alice
By Brandon Zenner

The After War - Part I To Alice by Brandon Zenner is a dystopian fiction novel that is the first book in The After War Series. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy...


By J. J. White

Nisei by J.J. White tells the story of Hideo, or Bobby, Takahashi, a young Hawaii-born Japanese-American, and his adventures during World War II, as revealed in a memoir that his son discovers after his death and his son’s reaction. Unlike the Japanese on the West...

The Eternal Front

By Walter Blaire

The Eternal Front by Walter Blaire is the novel for readers who are into conflict-driven plots and great settings. In this book, the conflict is raised with the stakes when the protagonist finds himself torn between destroying his own world to save it, or doing...

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