Fiction - Humor/Comedy

Meet the Boys of Casper

By Dallas Jones

The first in a series, The Boys of Casper by Dallas Jones is a coming of age tale of six young boys entering high school and the alien observing them from afar. Set in the seventies, The Boys of Casper has a male tone distinct...

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Woodiss Waits

And Woodiss Gets Away With It Book 2
By Henry Woodiss

Woodiss Waits (And Woodiss Gets Away With It Book 2) by Henry Woodiss is a humor/comedy novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoyed Woodiss Is Willing and who do not mind sexual situations. Woodiss is...

NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!

By Michael and Danny D'Agostino

NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!! by Michael and Danny D'Agostino is a spellbinding mix of drama, sci-fi, and humor, delivered in a style that is inimitable, and featuring awesome, just awesome characters on a rollicking ride to Mars and back. If you...


By Mike Dickenson

Hilarious would be an understatement to describe this book and I found myself lost for words. Yes, there is a beauty, a cuteness about the writing, a poignancy in the descriptions, and a humor that is as grim as it can get, but there are...


The Fun and Fascination of Language
By Susanna Janssen

Susanna Janssen is a foreign language educator who lives and teaches in Northern California. Thanks to Wordstruck!, we all can now enjoy the words of humor and learning that have benefited the readers of her column, A Word in Edgewise, published by the Ukiah Daily...

Jesus and Magdalene

By Joao Cerqueira

An extremist ecological group is set on destroying a field of genetically-modified corn. A rising against and for building a tourist attraction in the forest reserve of a quaint but seemingly-backward little town. A seemingly endless loop of ethnic warfare between gypsies and blacks. This...

The Replicants

By Gerry Burke

The Replicants by Gerry Burke is a gripping sci-fi story with a well-defined setting and great characters. The planet Schmoo, the last planet before heaven, has been destroyed by a seismic cataclysm, and its inhabitants are quickly moving to earth for refuge. Now, apart from...

Not That I Recall

By Adam Clemente

Not That I Recall by Adam Clemente is a humorous but strange tale. Ray is something of an idiot, a child-like man who is obsessed with pop tarts – but not the blueberry ones. Those are worse than no pop tart at all! When...

Tame Me If You Can

By Alexis J. Levi

Tame Me If You Can is a humorous romance novel by Alexis J. Levi. Over in Paris, we meet Bell Torres in a miserable state and dressed as a chicken to boot. She has lost everything, thanks to one “mendacious” Sky Laverne who, besides cleaning...

The Afterlife Coach

By Susan E. Paul

How do you feel about unexpected visitors? At one time, random company would not have bothered Claire. After the death of her husband, though, Claire faces a life alone with no surprise visitors and the impending departure of her college age twins. Alone except for...