Fiction - Humor/Comedy

Adventures in Barn Town

By Eve Culley

Adventures in Barn Town is a clever book of hilarious anecdotes, written by Eve Culley. Written in feline narrative by a life-long resident, Ol’ Stripe (Deputy of Barn Town) shares with the reader the highlights of life in Barn Town – a barn situated on...

The Lousiest Unicorn

By Carrie Finke

The Lousiest Unicorn by Carrie Finke is a cleverly written fantasy adventure that begins with Aliniara, a vain young unicorn that meets the Princess Vivian. When a witch happens upon them, Aliniara begins to flee and is surprised when the princess is able to mount...

The Supermarket Guy IV

Fury of the Climate Changer
By Daren Doucet

The Supermarket Guy IV: Fury of the Climate Changer by Daren Doucet is a deliciously humorous story with compelling characters, a lot of drama, and fun stuff for the reader. Harold, who works in a supermarket, is suddenly in trouble, considered unfit, stressed, and perhaps...

Turtle Island

By Dave Henry

Turtle Island by Dave Henry is a stunning fantasy novel about a family of four. The Masters family was on vacation when their dad, Don, got lost and had to turn into the Ted Williams Tunnel. The tunnel takes them through a portal to Turtle...


At War With Cupid ... The Winners & a Bunch of Losers
By Paula Houseman

When I first dug into Apoca(hot)lips by Paula Houseman, my eyes bugged out and laughter bubbled up out of me. The main character, a divorcee called Ruth, has a somewhat tenuous relationship with her ‘cousin’ Ralph. Ralph is on a journey of his own to...

Book Simulator

By Chris Yee

Book Simulator is a hilarious, satirical self-help novel in the vein of books that promise to help you read faster! Better! More efficiently! However, instead of selling you empty promises and broken dreams of becoming a better reader, Book Simulator is here to help fool...

Detention Land

Lip Service
By Susan Orion

Detention Land: Lip Service by Susan Orion is a great read with compelling characters and an interesting plot, a story with great psychological depth. A teenage boy finds himself trapped in a small room, not knowing why. He is devoid of any contact with the...

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Cousins' Club

By Warren Alexander

Warren Alexander's Cousins' Club is a backhanded ode to growing up Jewish in the 50s/60s in Brooklyn. But this isn't gauzy nostalgia; fingers are sliced off, people die, the innocent are punished and the guilty crushed, often in brutally appropriate ways, and hilariously. The premise...

Stealing Love

By H. Schreter

Stealing Love by H. Schreter tells the story of a Jewish businessman living and working in Israel, not really sure where his life is heading, and not really convinced he has met the love of his life and wants to settle down. Then his world...

Shady Place

By David A Byrne

In Shady Place by David A. Byrne, we first meet Jim Phillips, a retired police detective, as he is preparing to leave the Philadelphia home he shared for many years with his now deceased wife; being urged on by his two adult daughters to move...