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Fiction - Horror

After reading the Avalon Trilogy by Julie Elizabeth Powell, I saw 13 by the same author. I liked the author's style and thought I'd see what her style would be like in a different genre. In 13, thirteen different characters - all very shady, violent,...

13 Dark Tales
Collection One
There is a style used for writing horror stories that works supremely well, something I would simply call casual. It is a laid-back, natural, simple style that suggests a normal world filled with casual, non-intrusive, non-dramatic events until... Until the horrible thing happens, which often,...

A Change Of Heart
The Royal Blood Chronicles Book 1
A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin follows the story of Gabriel as he finds his way into the midst of a vampire war. The humans hate the vampires. The vampires have an internal fight for power. Gabriel just wants to get home without bullies...

A Dark Collection
12 Scary Stories
A Dark Collection: 12 Scary Stories by Mark Lukens provides a year's supply of unique and eclectic stories for the discriminating reader of short fiction. Perhaps best known for his entertaining novels Ancient Enemy and The Summoning, with this collection Lukens proves he also is...

A Field of Red
A Field of Red is a compelling mystery featuring a world-weary former police detective drawn into an investigation of the disappearance of two young girls in a small town in Ohio. The protagonist, Frank Harper, is well-drawn: crusty, disillusioned, and haunted by his past. Author...

Award Winner

A Jar of Fingers
The Complicated Life of Deegie Tibbs Book 1
A Jar of Fingers by C.L. Hernandez is an enjoyable haunted house story. Deegie, a witch who owns and runs an occult shop called The Silent Cat, purchases an old house with a history of violence after she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend. In...

A Ruthless Echo
Haunted by his wife’s death -- a suicide -- and the day he found her dead and cold, floating in the lake behind his house, Alex Crawford has spent almost two years longing to escape from the guilt of his wife’s death. After writing what...

A Vulnerable Broken Mind
A Vulnerable Broken Mind by Gaetano Brown is a horror novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The novel starts at a slow pace in a happy tone. John, a successful lawyer, and Amber Robinson, an elementary school teacher, are a...

A Wager of Blood
There‘s a killer on the loose.
The setting is New Hampshire, 1760.
Matthew Harper was playing what he thought was a friendly game of chance. He lost. Newell Thornton won with loaded dice. He murdered with great relish.

Present Day:
A killer...

Abra-Cadaver by Matt Drabble is about Tommy Ross who has a penchant for adventure and magic. Something goes wrong with one of the tricks on The Captivating Cosmo X which his parents had hired for his 12th birthday. What follows is a series of scary...

Abraham Lincoln
Vampire Hunter
If readers can wrap their minds around the fact that Abraham Lincoln,our 16th President, and one of the greatest political figures of all time, killed vampires on the side, then they are going to absolutely love this horror/history. The book starts out innocently enough with the...

Absolution by P.L. Parker is a paranormal romance about an innocent young girl who happens to be a vampire, turned while in her mother’s womb. In the late 1300s she is buried alive by her father as a way to protect her, which is a...

There is a deep warning in Adapt, at least for the one who is willing to pay attention. Edward Freeland has written a thriller that can hardly go unnoticed. When Daniel first noticed that his actions were being tracked and that something fishy was going...

After Darkness Falls
Volume one
After Darkness Falls: Volume 1 by Matt Drabble is yet another fine collection of bizarre and spine-tingling short horror stories. This is at least the third short story collection of Matt’s that I have read, and his talent and genius for composing good, solid horror...

Award Finalist

After Darkness Falls
Volume 2
After Darkness Falls: Volume 2 by Matt Drabble is more proof – as if proof is needed – that Matt is a master of the short horror story. The ten tales in this collection offer a glimpse at the broad scope of Drabble’s imagination, as...

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