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Glimmer of Steel

The Books of Astrune
By K. E. Blaski

"Damen had two days, five hours, and twenty-two minutes left to save Nyima’s soul." And thus begins Glimmer of Steel by K.E. Blaski, a story so all consuming, so breathtakingly rich as to transport a reader's soul. On a distant planet, a bloodthirsty tyrant rules...

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Length of Days

By Rohret Buchner

Length of Days is book one in the Shalemar Trilogy, a fantasy by Rohret Buchner. While participating on a research trip, Shara Kennington plunges through the ice into Shalemar, another realm hidden beneath Antarctica. The Shalemarans believe she is the goddess predicted in a 500-year-old...


The Globur Incursion Book 2
By D. Rebbitt

Contact by D. Rebbitt is book two in The Globur Incursion series. Hours from departing Gateway fleet outpost for his leave, Captain Blout is called in to lead a special fleet mission. The scientists on Planet X5682 have made a discovery that could change history....


Modrad's Exile
By Kevin Hopson

Facing impending exile, Modrad - a dwarf from the village of Vargrom – isn’t one to wait around pondering his fate, so he sets out on a mission to Coalfell - the land of the Chrogs. There he hopes to bring back a gem worthy...

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By Fred Waiss

Witchery by Fred Waiss is an epic fantasy that brilliantly and masterfully showcases the proverbial conflict between the forces of darkness and light, a book laced with intense action, magic, and legendary warriors, all poised for the city-state of Kessia. Readers will get used to...

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A Tall Titillating Tale
By Ron Weinkauf

Six: A Tall Titillating Tale by Ron Weinkauf is a smooth amalgamation of humor, science fiction, and adventure that makes this story really entertaining. The narrative is almost lyrical, which gave a new depth to the story. The story begins when our hero comes across...

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Zombie Mage

By Jonathan J. Drake

Readers will find a hidden gem, oddly enough, in Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage. There is a dark and chilling tale within the fantastical plot, but it isn't as grotesque as one might expect from a novel that includes zombies. Olligh Selthnik awakens in a...

Second Genesis

By Janet Maile

I liked Second Genesis by Janet Maile. Science fiction is my first love. I will read almost anything, but I really love any good story about the future. I have read a lot of them, starting with the classics by people like Heinlein, Clark, and...

Champions of the Dragon

Epic Fallacy Book 1
By Michael James Ploof

Champions of the Dragon by Michael James Ploof is the first book in the Epic Fallacy trilogy. In every generation, five are chosen by the Most High Wizard Kazimir to be the Champions of the Dragon. The five chosen are unlikely companions: Murland is an...

The Marker Chronicles, The First Trilogy

(Books 1 - 3 of Horror and Dark Fantasy)
By Danielle DeVor

The Marker Chronicles by Danielle DeVor is The First Trilogy, Books 1 - 3 of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Three books, the story of Jimmy Holiday. Jimmy used to be a priest until he was defrocked. Now he has turned to exorcism at Blackmoor, a...