Fiction - Southern


By A.F. Knott

Ramonst by A.F. Knott is a dark southern fiction novel filled with suspense, thrills, and mystery. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy dark Gothic fiction. The year is 1970 and an eleven-year-old...

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge

The Moonlight Ridge Series Volume 2
By Ramey Channell

The Witches of Moonlight Ridge (The Moonlight Ridge Series Volume 2) by Ramey Channell is a charmingly delightful southern tale. Autumn has arrived at Moonlight Ridge, and Lily Clair and her cousin Willie T. are excited about starting fourth grade. They are happy that their...

Whistlin' Stardust

By Sara McFerrin

Whistlin’ Stardust has no murder, no suspense, no twists and turns, no adventure, no sex and no excitement. What it does have is history, heart, soul, God and memories of days gone by. I was immediately drawn into the Daniels family - Glover, his wife,...

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The Chupacabra & the Bat Rastard

A Cryptozoology & Craft Beer Adventure
By Mark D Trollinger

The Chupacabra & the Bat Rastard by Mark Trollinger is a beguiling story that is beautifully written with a unique culture, a short story about a drunk who meets an old pal and begins a new adventure. Carson Quinn used to be a science teacher,...

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Tobacco Sun

By Lorna Hollifield

Set in the year 1947, Tobacco Sun takes place in the village of Tobaccoville, North Carolina. It shares with us the tale of two sisters who have been estranged for years, driven apart by their status in life—Sydra, the younger sister, a stunning but cold...

A Northern Rebel

By John J Schaffer

The Civil War is in its early beginnings, it is still acceptable to own a slave, and the Old South is still alive as I begin reading A Northern Rebel. All of this is about to change and Jameson Hartford is going to try to...

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Southern Fiction Volume 1
By Rick DeStefanis

Tallahatchie by Rick DeStefanis is the first book in a Southern fiction series. “Jack knew he was a fool” is the way the protagonist is described in the opening lines of the story and his uncle had warned him that he was doing something foolish....

Where We Belong

Time Between
By Lori W. Duncan

Where We Belong: Time Between is written by Lori W. Duncan. When Addyson Caldwell lands a job as a tour guide, she is delighted. In addition to her being pleased at successfully landing a summer job, she will also be away from home for the...

Apalachicola Gold

By Michael A. Kinnett

Apalachicola Gold is an historical fiction novel written by Michael A. Kinnett. Kinnett was instrumental in the creation and is an ongoing curator of the Orman House Historic State Park Museum in the historic city of Apalachicola in the Florida panhandle. While Apalachicola Gold is...

Staying Wet

A Southern Tale Told One Sip at a Time
By Jacqueline Schnitzer

Staying Wet: A Southern Tale Told One Sip at a Time by Jacqueline Schnitzer was a really good story. Caddy, a southern belle, tells her life story to some unknown friend. Her life is filled with tragedy, alcohol and the longing to have something stable....