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Ending Fatigue

When Waking Up is Hard to Do
By Mary C. Blowers

Ending Fatigue: When Waking Up is Hard to Do by Mary C. Blowers is a helpful book for all those who are dealing with fatigue and exhaustion, causing debilitating effects in their lives. The many obvious reasons of tiredness like lack of proper sleep, illness,...

Marijuana The-Secret

How to Make any Cookbook Recipe with Marijuana Ingredients
By Billy Martin

Have you heard of the health benefits of cooking with marijuana, but don't know where to start looking for recipes and information? Are you confused about the difference between recreational marijuana and medical marijuana? Marijuana - The Secret (How To Make Any Cookbook Recipe With...

Me, Myself and Eye

The Realities of Living With a Prosthetic Eye
By Cynthia Lee De Boer

Who knew that losing an eye and getting a prosthesis could be so fascinating? Me, Myself and Eye: The Realities of Living with a Prosthetic Eye, by Cynthia Lee de Boer, tells her story simply and straight-forwardly, including using medical jargon and then explaining what...

Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses

By Chris Dyer

Plants, Potions & Oils For Horses is a non-fiction alternative medicine book for treating horses written by Chris Dyer. This book is the revision of his 1999 book by the same name. Dyer cautions the reader at the outset that his book does not purport...

7-Day Depression Challenge

Deal With Your Depression In 7 Days
By Challenge Self

The informational book, 7-Day Depression Challenge: Deal with Your Depression in Seven Days by Challenge Self, is aimed towards anyone suffering from depression. The focus of the book is to follow the step by step guides by the author, including food and diet, meditation and...

The Craving Brain

Science, Spirituality and the Road to Recovery
By Dr. W. Anderson Spickard Jr., James B., Barbara Thompson

Opioids, alcohol, and prescription drugs used in moderation can help in several ways for pain relief and relaxation, but in excess these can become an addiction. Why would people risk their lives and their well-being for prescription drugs or another drink? It's not them personally;...

Embracing the Storm

By Rachel McGrath

Rachel McGrath's memoir, Embracing the Storm, is possibly one of the best non-fiction books I've ever read. Her style, transparency, openness and storytelling pull you deep into this heart-wrenching account of her battle against her body to conceive and carry a baby to full term....

Ketogenic Diet

Weight Loss Made Easy
By Andrew Jackson

“No diet is ever easy to stick to; that said the Ketogenic diet is one of the best bets especially when your intention is weight loss and improved energy. Stick to it through the hardships and if you do, the negative effects will ease with...

Home Remedies Express

Know How to Cure the Most Common Health Issues Using Natural Home Remedies
By Katherine Kelley, KnowIt Express

I was very impressed with the level of information presented in Home Remedies Express: Know How to Cure the Most Common Health Issues Using Natural Home Remedies. The book begins by discussing why the contents will be useful, such as when a pharmacy is closed...

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What is Autism?

The Basics
By Ani Right

What is Autism? (The Basics) is a factual medical journal written by Ani Right. Autism is a disability which affects many people worldwide. Indicators of Autism are visible within the first two years of life. As at 2013, at least 21.7 million people had been...