Children - Picture Book

A Boy With A Cape

By Amy Logan

What does it take to be a superhero? First of all, you have to care about others and think of others before yourself. You have to be kind, considerate and helpful. Just putting on a cape doesn’t make you a superhero, but what you do,...

The Adventures of Hickahoo and Friends

Hickahoo's Big Surprise
By Sharron Cornelius

Life is an adventure. And there’s nothing better than spending your life surrounded by those you love. Hickahoo and Lou are friends, but they also have friends in Kaloo. They decide to go find these friends and have some fun. They search every special space...

The Grumpface

By B.C.R. Fegan

The Grumpface by B.C.R. Fegan is a fun, rhyming children's book about a man who has been cursed to live as a Grumpface, and a young inventor, Dan, who is in love with a girl named Bella. One day, Dan goes into the Forest of...

The Three Prankster Mice

By John Dorey

The Three Prankster Mice by John Dorey is a fun children's book about three young mice named Dan, Fran, and Stan. The three mice live on Mr. McDonald's farm, and enjoy pranking the other animals. Every animal has suffered from a prank at least once....

Space Toads

On the Moon
By S.M.J. Rigstad

Space Toads: On the Moon by S.M.J. Rigstad is a fun children's book about ten toads that live on the moon. The toads all love eating cheese, which is why they live on the moon. One day, a toad named Tom saw a mountain of...

Riley's Fab World

Friends With Wings
By Debbie Dreamer

Riley’s Fab World: Friends with Wings by Debbie Dreamer is an interactive storybook for children where they are introduced to Riley and her world. Riley wants to go out as it is a beautiful day. A wonderful thought of riding a butterfly comes to her...

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Thinking of Mom

A Children's Picture Book about Coping with Loss
By M.O. Lufkin

Ella is remembering her mother in the storybook Thinking of Mom by M.O. Lufkin, and she is feeling nostalgic and sad. Her mom used to help Ella brush her teeth, make her bed nice and neat, and dress in matching clothes. She always took Ella...

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Slipper Goes to the Park

By Tess Rixen

Slipper loves to play with her friends. She is a cat, after all. And cats love to play. When her best friend, Buddy, who just happens to be a dog, comes over, Slipper is very excited. She is surprised to meet Buddy’s roommate, Julia, a...

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Speckle the Annoying Freckle

By Michael Verrett

Speckle the Annoying Freckle by Michael Verrett is a fun children's book about a young girl named Grace. Grace enjoys reading, and she reads a lot. She keeps a stack of books on her bedside table. One night, she decided that she would try to...

Henry and the Hidden Treasure

By B.C.R. Fegan

Henry has a very large treasure. His parents try to convince him to put his treasure in the bank where it’ll be safe. Henry wants to keep his treasure nearby where he can keep an eye on it. But there’s one small problem: his little...