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Cuddle Kitten and Puddle Pup

By J.R. Poulter

Written by J.R. Poulter and illustrated by Trish Flannery, Cuddle Kitten and Puddle Pup is a children’s book about the highs and lows of owning a new pet. Perfectly toilet-trained house cat, Cuddle Kitten, enjoys several rewards for being so diligent in keeping her mess...

Who Laid the Egg?

By Audrey Sauble

The outstanding illustrations in Who Laid The Egg? will attract readers who’ll want to know which eggs were laid by which animal. Author Audrey Sauble has created a wonderful, but simple story of animals and the eggs they lay. Who Laid The Egg? is a...

Ben and the Bullies

By Jack Thompsen

Ben and the Bullies is a children’s book of courage, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (aka Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Ignacio G. When at home, Ben loves to cook, read and spend time with his family. But when at school, Ben’s...


A Sea Pup's Survival Guide
By Laura Knight

Spot: A Sea Pup's Survival Guide is an educational and fun tale of survival underneath the sea, written by Laura Knight and illustrated by Aarin Stewart. Spot is a young sea lion who loves to play with his friends and explore the waters. When he...

The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog

A Children's Book on Mindfulness
By Florenza Denise Lee

Over the course of our lives, we are exposed to several types of habits. We have a clear indication as to why we perform some habits while at other times we are unsure as to how a habit has come about. A dog called Max...

The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes

By Elaine Sussman

The front cover provokes intrigue and makes me want to open the book titled The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes to find out why the children are under the sheets. Elaine describes how amazing her brother, Mark, is—even though he is blind. She describes how...


By Ashley Tetzlaff

While kittens Nate and Kate enjoy running, jumping and just being their playful kitten selves, Squeaky encounters many obstacles of being the smallest kitten in the family. Squeaky cannot drink from his water bowl, play ball with Nate and Kate, or join in on jumping...

Leo Learns to Swim

By Caren Cantrell

Leo Learns to Swim by Caren Cantrell is about a baby sea turtle who discovers, upon hatching, that he has one flipper shorter than the others. Unable to swim, Leo is too scared to follow his siblings and cousins into the ocean, but he knows...

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By Carliss Maddox

Firstgarten is a children’s picture book written by Carliss Maddox and illustrated by Steve Feldman. The first day of school had finally arrived, but Michael was not at all happy about being a first grader. He had loved kindergarten and thought it would be much...

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If You Don't Take a Bath

By Sally Hutchins Willett

If You Don't Take a Bath is a children’s picture book written by Sally Hutchins Willett and illustrated by Benjamin Norcross. Lots of kids don’t exactly jump up and down for joy when it’s time to take a bath. In fact, some will do just...