Fiction - Short Story/Novela


A Battle Of Gods
By Elizabeth Salawu

Abiku: A Battle of Gods by Elizabeth Salawu is a unique “erotic” paranormal romance set primarily in Nigeria. The protagonist, Ekundayo (Dayo) is of a blended heritage (Nigerian and German) and labeled an Abiku (witch or one born to die) due to not only this,...

12 Random Words / 12 Palabras al Azar

A Bilingual Collection
By Fabiana Elisa Martinez

Fabiana Elisa Martinez's 12 Random Words/12 Palabras al Azar: A Bilingual Collection is a wonderful collection of short stories. The author cleverly takes twelve random words and, from this, she builds a story around them. It is the concept of this book that appealed to...

The Moor

Book I of the Crusader Trilogy
By Reina Donovan

The Moor (Book I of the Crusader Trilogy) by Reina Donovan is a short novella set in a little Christian kingdom named Mordo somewhere in medieval Europe. The Moors have extended their domain right up to the northern ranges of the Iberian Peninsula. Medieval Spain...

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A Party at Longbourn

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

With two unmarried daughters still living at home, the Bennet family are intrigued, and not a little concerned, to hear that their recently widowed cousin, Mr. Collins, is coming to visit the family at Longbourn. Mr. Collins, it would appear, hopes that one of the...

Destruction Road

By Dan Absalonson

Destruction Road by Dan Absalonson is a poignant reminder that we all answer to a higher power i.e. God. It’s the story of a young man, still in high school, who was abused by his single father. Eventually he ran away with his father’s truck...

The One That Got Away

And Other Short Stories
By Margaret Lynette Sharp

The One that Got Away And Other Short Stories is a collection of three different but engaging stories written by Margaret Lynette Sharp. The entire book doesn’t take long to read, and the stories can literally be read in one short sitting. I certainly believe...

The Staring Stranger

By Dan Absalonson

“There he was again, the bum who always stared at me on the subway. I hated everything about him: his white hair tucked behind a purple bandanna, his ratty black tank top hiding none of his Rambo physique, his stonewashed denim cut offs that were...

20 Short Ones

By Dan Salerno

As the name suggests, 20 Short Ones is a collection of twenty short stories. In each story, Dan Salerno has narrated how humans connect to one another. This connection may or may not turn out to be anything romantic, but the intent of this connection...

The Proposal

A Leap of Faith
By Cheryl Holloway

The Proposal: A Leap of Faith is a romantic short story based on actual events, and written by Cheryl Holloway. After ten years of dating her much-loved beau, Marvin, Carol wonders if he will ever pop the question. Not wanting to die a single woman,...

Adam's Stepsons

By M. Thomas Apple

Adam's Stepsons is a military science fiction novella written by M. Thomas Apple. To the military establishment at Armed Forces HQ, the clones were things, to be addressed using the pronoun "it", but their creator, Dr. Heimann, had considerable difficulty conforming with that protocol. Granted,...

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