Young Adult - Mystery

Across the Fourwinds

The Maidstone Chronicles Volume 1
By Shane Trusz, Darryl Frayne

In The Maidstone Chronicles Book One: Across the Fourwinds by Shane Trusz and Darryl Frayne, readers are introduced to Will Owens, a teenager with a strange gift of seeing dark creatures emerging from the Arden Forest, which is near his house at #25 Nineteenth Avenue...

Teenage Psychic On Campus

By Pamela Woods-Jackson

In the riveting paranormal novel, Teenage Psychic On Campus by Pamela Woods-Jackson, two college students with similar unique abilities have an antagonistic relationship. Despite their shared animosity towards each other and ghost hunting, they are bulldozed into working together on a ghost stalking team. Caryn...

The Unseen

Order of the Bell
By Jacob Devlin

The Unseen by Jacob Devlin is the second book in the Order of the Bell series. As King Bellamy declares that no one can leave the Old World, Pietro, Pino, and Alicia seek a way out to find their children, no matter the cost. Turning...

The Perfect Blindside

By Leslea Wahl

Coming-of-age, inspirational, and Christian romance are genres blended perfectly in a tale of mystery in Leslea Wahl’s debut novel, The Perfect Blindside. The reader is introduced to two gifted teenagers, Jake and Sophie. Jake is a snowboarder with an Olympic Silver Medal, proud and adored...

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Leftover Girl

Leftover Girl Series Book 1
By C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl is the first installment in the Leftover Girl series by C.C. Bolick. Somebody has found out about fifteen-year-old Jessica Delaney, the adopted daughter of Justin and Lorraine Delaney. As a result, the Delaney family have to leave an Atlanta trailer park behind and...

The Case of the Brown Scraggly Dog

Davey & Derek Junior Detectives Series, Book 4
By Janice Spina

Davey and Derek are twins. They do just about everything together, including solving mysteries and learning a little bit of magic from their Great-Aunt Gigi. On a recent visit to their great-aunt, the boys learned a new magic trick and discovered “a large brown scraggly...

What The Valley Knows

By Heather Christie

After a traumatic car accident, a high school student suffers from amnesia that conceals more than teenage angst in the dramatic Young Adult fiction novel What The Valley Knows by Heather Christie. Molly Hanover and her mother Ann have just relocated to Millington Valley. Ann's...

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In Your Dreams

By Amy Martin

Amy Martin’s In Your Dreams follows teenager Zara “Zip” McKee as she navigates the small-town high school of Titusville, Illinois. Although Zip is the basketball star and top of her class, Zip’s junior year is anything but typical after she meets new kid Kieran Lanier....

Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories

Girl on the Train, Phantom in the Forest, & More Ghostly Encounters
By Autumn Chills

Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories by Autumn Chills is a collection of short stories that show just how fragile the boundary between life and death can be. Separated into ten different tales, each story is an account of an encounter with the supernatural,...

Marker of Hope

Creatura #3
By Nely Cab

Marker of Hope: Creatura #3 by Nely Cab is a well-developed and blood-pumping story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. Although I have not read the previous novels in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The story...

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